Sunday 26 April 2015

The Feast of St George 2015

The Feast of St George celebrates the day with food inspired by the feast of the national day of St George which was on 23 April 2015. The event was held on Saturday 26 April 2015 and in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square from 12:00 to 18:00.
The event holds live cookery demos from celebrity chefs in Cook’s Corner as well as talks and demonstrations of making different teas. There are also banqueting area located between the tables, where you can join the views of the decorations of bunting and flags.
There are a range of activities for the family to enjoy with games, such as hoopla and hook a duck, as well as swings and a carousal. Marquees hold workshops for family where the children can create their very own knight helmet and sword as well as be adorned with a knight’s name on a knight’s medallion. There were opportunities for taking pictures with Knights Lance and his Queen.

In the tiltyard, there is a bandstand with a range of music and dance taking place, such as music from Let It Be, Hammersmith Morris Men and Crystal Palace Brass Band.

Friday 24 April 2015

UP&GO Bounce Off

UP&GO is an Australian breakfast drink and in promoting their new drink in the UK, they have sent over an inflatable assault course in the shape of Sydney Bridge. The assault course is in London situated at Bernie Spain Gardens from Thursday 23 April to Sunday 26 April 2015.

Registration takes place in an inflatable Sydney Opera House tent where you give your name, e-mail/phone number and date of birth. If you have more people in your party, you can form a team and come up with a team name. Initially, I came up with the Edwardians named after my partner-in-crime Edward. The lady registering us came up with The Strange Doctors playing upon my e-mail name to which we thought it we were better opted for instead. All registered up, the UP&GO lady exclaimed “may the force be with you” along with a fist pump in which I duly returned.
The waiting area included beany bags where we can relax while we wait for the groups before us to finish. Beforehand, we were given tips and tricks to get through the course with things of what not do. The first section of the course had these inflatable jutting liners which were pretty easy to get through. Next bit were the hoops which you had to jump and pull yourself through before you start jumping the hurdles. Heading up a climbing frame of sorts, you get to the top level where you have to wade yourself to the other side before jumping into the foam pit.

I made it with a time of 00:4022 seconds, beating Edward’s 00:4885, bringing the team’s average to 00:4453.
It was extremely fun and it’s only here for 2 more days in London so catch it while you can. You can find out more about where they’ll be heading to next on their website.


Tuesday 21 April 2015

Free the Night exhibition

Free the night is an exhibition of photographic artworks displayed from 12 March to 12 April 2015 to mark 6 months until the launch of Night Tube. It is part of the “Firsts for the Tube” event as a run up to the launch of Night Tubes on 12 September 2015.
There are in total 24 photographic works displayed in the alcoves located near the escalators at Westminster Station. The works include photographs of Florence and the Machine, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney as well as images depicting the many different facades of London’s nightlife and culture. 
Alice Rainis - Divino (2015)

Bob Mazzer - Clockwell (1980s)
Catherine Holmes - Unknown Orchestra, St Blephemis Church, Hampstead (2009)

Sir Cecil Beaton - Living Posters Ball (1930)
Chalkie Davies - Bruce Springsteen outside Hammersmith Odeon (1975)

Chris Porsz - Oxford Circus (2014)

Chris Stewart - Camden Town (2013)

Corinne Day - Mary with Sparkler (1999)

Dave Swindells - Cav Manning Dancing at Legends (1986)

John Phillips - Night Street Portrait (2014)

Juergen Teller - Young Pink Kate, London (1998)
Kevin Morosky - Rolling with Homie (2014)

Linda McCartney - Paul McCartney (1969)

Mary McCartney - Sian at Cashpoint (2004)
Matthew Stone - Theo & Matthew (2007)
Naki - Ministry of Sound, Millennium Dome, New Years Eve (2000)

Nastasia - Transit (2015)

Nick Knight - Harmony (2011)

Rankin - An Underground Hero (1989)

Sam Taylor Johnson - After Dark (Unicycle) (2008)
Ted Polhemus - New Romantics (1981)
Tom Beard - Ceremonials (2001)

Walter Hugo & Zoniel – (From Series) Light of Our Lives (2015)
Zoƫ Buckman - Walking - from the series 'Loos' (2010)