Tuesday 30 July 2019

The awkward photo (Star Log Vol 2 entry 3)

London Film and Comic Con – bring it! Signed up for that three-day goodness that is a comic con. 

Strutting into the Olympia with fabulous stride, they sported me with a wristband which was coloured Sporty Spice blue. Feeling pumped with Spice energy, I was going to take the house down and SLAYAGE.

I bumped into my friend who complimented my Fin Fang Foom t-shirt. Okay, I was very well prepared for this very moment… “Thanks, it’s a Jason Polan design for Uni Qlo…” A stallholder also complimented my t-shirt so I gave him my speech too, “Thanks, it’s a Jason Polan design for Uni Qlo…” I ended up with a Planet Hulk and Age of Ultron trade paperback from him.

Okay, I’m going straight into my photoshoot with Zachary Quinto. Me being a MASSIVE fan of Heroes knew that I had to get a picture with one of my teen-hood hero. In my mind, I imagined the photo was beautifully taken and we then walked hand-in-hand into the sunset… except it didn’t happen that way…

Nerves hit me as I entered into the photoshoot area and it just got worse and worse as I ventured closer to him. It’s only when I got there he said, “hi, how are you?”
I replied, “I’m great thanks. How are you?” Then I kind of blurred out (I didn’t even catch his answer) and looked at the camera. *snap* What just happened?
I thanked him and sheepishly walked away to pick up my photo. The person handed it to me and I looked down at the photo. “Oh god!” I exclaimed and just couldn’t contain myself at the expression I had. The lady heard me and offered to retake the photo. I mean I really wanted to, but the photo was me being present in that moment. I knew what was going on in that photo. I was pretty much was caught off-guard asking how he was, that the photographer snapped me at that moment. I mean these photoshoots aren’t really that personable as it’s an in-and-out operation, but the picture I took made it personable, and yeah, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

How did I sign up for this? (Star Log Vol 2 entry 2)

I don’t know how does “do you want to meet up for coffee?” become “are you fit enough to do a 15-mile walk?” How did I sign up for this…?

Meeting my friend at Waterloo, we took the train to Kingston for a 9am walking route with a group on Meetup. We got there and I noticed someone in running gear at the station. Were we the first ones there or were they? We stood around… waiting… waiting… and waiting… until the person came up to us and asked if we were part of the walking group which I valiantly replied we were (with puffed out chest)! We introduced ourselves but were very quickly joined by the rest of the group. 

So the Fellowship of the Ring’s journey has now begun! We all walked off into pairs. I paired up with a gentleman who happens to live in Croydon (my childhood), we both reminisced about memories we had of the Whitgift shopping centre and shed a few tears (well, the last part didn’t happen) but we quickly came to realise we shared a lot in common such as… gaming! The rest was history! 

We walked about 4 miles without even realising it. It was extraordinarily strange for the both of us as we were of course not accustomed to so much walking but we did it. It all went swimmingly until he had to take a pee in the bushes (we were nowhere near any loos). He came back holding his trousers together and said his top button popped off… classic! If only this was a Carry On film – comedy gold in the making. I lent him my Captain America belt that I only wore as an accessory (don’t judge). He even went so far as to compare my Blu-ray collection to the death of fax machines as thanks for my gesture of goodwill, but he did compliment my Marvel bag, which saved him (kinda).
For the most part of the journey, we alternated between the others. I also got chatting with a person who worked in marketing and worked super crazy hours. She travelled the world and we shared common grounds on being Chinese. We talked about the language and culture – the vast difference between the two of us. They mentioned that they lived in London for 10 years but didn’t feel like a Londoner. It’s so weird to think I know nothing of these people a few hours ago but now I know their full life story which I absolutely love (I should do it a bit more). We ended it by her giving me advice not to run my 10k in denim jeans (should we not look good running?).
I parted ways from the rest of the group as we were not making a pit stop at Holland Park which was part of the original trail – we were out of time! I headed into the Design Museum and Kyoto Garden. Funnily enough, as I entered Kensington Gardens, I saw someone wave at the corner of my eye… it was my workmate! I greeted her and then the sudden realisation hit me… I walked 15 miles!! I hugged her and went on my merry way smiling at my accomplishment.

Monday 22 July 2019

To dance the discount Carlton (Star Log vol 2 entry 1)

For me, meeting strangers is no easy feat. Even more so when I agree to be an art tour guide to a couple visiting from Spain (or another exotic country that I can’t remember). The nerves got to me when they were visibly in front of me and I just let out a wave enthusiastically (do something to break the mood).

For the purpose of this post, I will just call them A and B. As we went around the gallery, A stated that he doesn’t have an eye for art while B seems very inquisitive in their own world often going ahead of us but then reporting back to us in what she observes. A seems to have a penchant for philosophy, often spouting deep thoughts into death, valiancy and freedom. It’s quite interesting to couple them together as if they both form their own strong case studies.

A does seem to have a way of words and I often find myself having to keep up on what he was saying. In the middle of it all, he turns around and asks me “you don’t like food?”

I was astonished and just replied, “huh?”

He replied that I was very thin to which I replied I do try my best… It reminds me of a time when I would just say anything that came to mind most of which was not even without thinking. I feel like I become wiser since those heydays (*cough cough* barely).

So let’s fast-forward: art, art, memorabilia, more talks about philosophy, art, art, sights of London, art and more art.

We stayed until closing until everyone was booted out into the streets or into the bar. Except B goes shopping in the gift shop and A and I hit the dance floor. I mean I did a few side steps but he went all in… I mean all in! He was doing double fist pumps and a discount Carlton. People were giving him looks and were moving away from us which was handy as we could do with a bit more dance floor. It was interesting because that was how I was like before. Having that thirst for life and seeing him in full throttle makes me want to give life a boot and I LIVE for that!

Fast-forward a bit more, B is stood outside waving at us. “Ummm A…. B is right there! Think she telling you to check your phone”. He looks down and says that she want to leave. He continues to dance… I waved to B to come in but they shake their head. I took A to the door and tried to get him outside to have a word with B except he doesn’t want to. “Then leave then!” A exclaims at me. I was shocked at the lack of compromise. I pleaded to A to go see B because it was unfair. I exited. A followed and they had a heart-to-heart felt conversation and they decided to part ways with me and bid me goodbye.

It was a different experience… Thoughtful in many ways. But since then, I decided that I will live my life to the bestest that I can (ugh clich├ęs!) and dance that discount Carlton into the sunset until sunrise.