Thursday 17 October 2019

Double Take by It's Nice That and Coals Drop Yard

The artwork comes to life I find in its simplicity in the shape in forming larger structures that play with its environment in a very fun and quirky way. The colours and shape contrast with the architecture around it in its contrasting material and design. I feel like their presence provides a sense of invitation to interact with them as seen from parents taking pictures of the children on the structures.

There are specific viewpoints in which you can see a better view of how these artworks tantalise with its surroundings but of course, I didn't realise until a bit too late when I had to leave.

It's as if they're looking at you:

Wednesday 9 October 2019

The Dark Crystal exhibition (Star Log)

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from the Into Thra: The Dark Crystal Age of Resistence exhibition especially as I haven’t even seen the film (own it on Blu-ray though but haven’t gotten around to watching it). My colleague told me that it was dark. That was about it. This came from the mind of Jim Henson so it’s like bad Muppets, I guess?

I actually went past the Gaming Lounge first and I don’t even know why but I expected a retro-style arcade type game, but upon closer inspection, it was a tactics game on Nintendo Switches. 

Moving on to the gallery, I noticed that every single person was an adult but then I put it down to that the film/series itself seemed a bit grotesque at parts from the clips that showing. Giving it more thought though, it could just be that they grew up on the film seeing that the film is about 30 years old (if I remember correctly). 

The design featured photographs, props, models and drawings from the series. From just this section, I could see that it was a super-rich universe and a lot of craft goes into it.

With the time closing in on me, I moved past the voice-over booth which featured literally a voice-over for a clip. There was quite a queue for it!

Next was the Castle of the Crystal area which featured the banquet from the film as well as the Crystal itself (get me – I’m saying it like I know the film!). There was an anagram to solve from symbols featured in a handout I was given. Deciphering it gave the following letters:


(see if you can figure it out as it took me ages to figure out)

Next was a remodel of the Endless Forest (not really endless in this case) and the Stone-In-The-Wood (equivalent to Sword in the Stone?). 

The final section was the gift shop where I had to have successfully deciphered the word to the anagram. Clues were that it was a word that it wasn’t related to the film, it was 5 letters and it started with “T”. I definitely needed more help than that, maybe just giving the word to me. After hmm-ing and ah-ing, I came up with “Truth”. Bingo! I gained a gorgeously illustrated print (don’t know the artist though – should have asked in hindsight!). 
EDIT: Wasn't too sure if I was going to share the post as my phone got stolen so there's nothing to really to show! In the end, I decided for it as I'm not going to let any no-good doers ruin my day xx

Monday 7 October 2019

Frieze Sculpture part 2

Here's part 1 and let's dive into part 2!

13. A Stranger Holding Two Wings (2018) - Tai-Jung Um

14. ONE Through ZERO (1980 - 2002) - Robert Indiana

15. Cord (2019) - Jodie Carey

(Actually missed this one... Sorry!)

16. Untitled (2011) - Ma Deshang

17. When I Sleep (2018) - Tracey Emin

18. Laura's Asia's Dream (2018) - Jaume Plensa

19. Alexander (2015) - Bettina Pousttchi 

20. Composition (2008) - Barry Flanagan

21. Bridges (We are melting) (2019) - Ivan Argote

22. Tudor Ball (2019) - Lars Fisk

23. Solar Disc III (2018) - Emily Young