Monday 29 August 2016

Star Log Entry 12: Sculpture in the City, Notting Hill Carnival and POP! She-Hulk

Sculpture in the City

I always look forwards to seeing new sculptures appear in the City on a annual basis which gives a perfect opportunity to explore the architecture against the new crop of sculptures created by artists around the world. It's more perfect on the weekend, when the City workers have their days off leaving a quiet haven to do some exploring. Blog post coming soon!

Notting Hill Carnival

I was planning to go to the Notting Hill Carnival with my sis Ann on Sunday but looking at the weather, it seemed that the rain may put a stop to the plans.

On the day though, the rain wasn't that bad - a little rain never hurt anybody (but a lot can kill ya)! Instinctly, I texted my sis to tell her it's back on and naturally she texted me an hour later to say she'll be there in 2 hours. As much as I would love to see her, ain't anybody got time for that!

The rain most certainly didn't dampen any spirits as the Carnival was in full swing in every direction with music blaring from multiple speakers and people dancin' in the streets. It's the busiest I've ever seen so far in the years I've attended and the atmosphere most certainly captures why as it brings a community together to celebrate a culture that thrives on being alive.

POP! She-Hulk

I didn't even know that Funko had release a POP! Vinyl She-Hulk until Ed and I spotted it in Forbidden Planet. I fell in love at first sight as I simply marvelled at the sculpted beauty of the bobble-head. Ed got for me as a gift for getting my new job and he knew I am HUGE fan of She-Hulk. I just became a giddy fan boy as I bounced with it all the way home with it. At the back of the box shows that Doctor Strange comes part of the same wave so will get that next time I see it at Forbidden Planet or may just get it at the London Film and Comic Con or the MCM Comic Con as they usually pretty well stocked with all walks of POP! Vinyls.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Star Log Entry 11: Spotlight and Luna

Saturday saw the return of the Spotlight Festival to Seven Dials with a day of fashion, lifestyle, dining, art and performances. Ed and I headed down to enjoy what was on offer in enjoying art made of fruit and live performances.
We took to drawing cats on a collaborative piece branching off Seven Dials. Ed’s the first one and the second mine. Take your pick as to who’s the best cat drawer!
Today, saw a return of a family friend’s cat Luna who will be with us for the 8 weeks. She’s so cute!