Sunday 22 March 2020

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf 2020 part 3 (Star Log)

The last part for this year's Winter Lights festival at Canary Wharf. The other parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

20. The Bra Tree

21. Affinity by Amigo & Amigo and S1T2

22. Pools of Light

23. Squiggle by Angus Muir Design

24. 16 Bits by Park Heyl

25. Chromatic Play by Tine Bech Studio

26. Sasha Trees by Adam Decolight

Thursday 19 March 2020

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf 2020 part 2 (Star Log)

Part 2 coming right at ya! Part of this year's Winter Lights festival at Canary wharf. You'll find part 1 to the blog here: Part 1.

10. Stratum by Studio Chevalvert

11. Mountain of Light by Angus Muir Design 

12. Ditto by Ithaco Studio

13. Luma Paint Light Graffiti by Lichtfaktor and Bomber Graffiti

14. Aquatics by Phillip Artus

15. Desire by Uxu Studio

16. Constellations by Studio Joanie Lemercier

17. Seed of Life by Amberlights

18. Lightbench by LBO Lichtbank

19. Neon Tree by Hawthorn

Tuesday 17 March 2020

The New Teen Titans #2 (RE:VIEW)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a dollar for your comic! I don't think I ever had much dealing with the Teen Titans but I do seem to remember playing this one on one teen titan beat-em-up game one the Cartoon Network website over 10 years ago. Apart from that - nada! Let's dive in.
The comic book follows a new kid on the block sporting new tricks as gifted a mysterious group to remove the Teen Titans out of the picture, which I'm sure are for their nefarious scheme!

The characters are SO much fun to read as they throw sass, galavant around and have really unique personalities that bounce of each other. The main supervillain of the story is Grant Wilson who throws a strop and boasts he has friends in high places that will help him get places (teen angst, hey?).
The standout character for me would probably be Starfire who speaks in a different language to start with and it's so much fun seeing an outsider question the customs of human beings living in Western civilisation. She's a bit of a wildcard with her unhinged perspectives and at being her own boss of the situation. I mean all their personalities seem to also come at a cost of being their weaknesses which is a very interesting conversation to be had...

Art and panelling complement each other as it flows one page to the other. It doesn't hinder or full short of the slight subplots that pop up or the herding of all the different personalities and abilities, which helps propels the story (see what Starfire does to Grant - the poor boy!). I mean the ending is quite dark for what it seems for young people who are in their teens or maybe I'm just overly sensitive!
The cliffhanger and twist ending is a keeper! It just hits you in the feels and then the shock falls in! Spoiler alert - you have to read it unless of course, you already read it... so uhhh... read the next one?

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Wanna see what new crop of adventures they go on as the last one was super fun!

Dollar Comics: New Teen Titans 2
Marv Wolfman & George PĂ©rez - writer
Romeo Tanhal - finisher
Ben Oda - Letterer
Adrienne Roy - colorist
Len Wein - editor

Monday 16 March 2020

True Believers: The Criminally Insane - Purple Man No 1 (RE:VIEW)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a dollar for your comic! This time it's bringing some purple goodness as Daredevil takes on the persuasion of Purple Man with fresh challenges along the way. Let's dive in!
Daredevil seems more subdued in his kick and flicks opting more for brains than brawns, which comes for a surprise as it creates more levelled depths to his thinking (there's even a panel where he's investigating the legality of Purple Man's actions). This does create for a very entertaining read as he even says out his actions when he's kicking the musclemen around. And what do y'know, Daredevil ends up as Purple Man's lawyer when he refuses representation - colour me surprised!
It's pretty interesting though as the comic book sees Daredevil like I've never seen him before in that he seems to have this sixth sense where he could sense something foul in the air - something wicked this way comes! I find the character so captivating but his short snippet of an origin not so much. It would have been interesting to have explored the character a bit more as they bring more out of Daredevil story-wise and visually. Purple Man has strong charisma which does play off the character of Daredevil as well as his abilities fascinatingly with the science, the thinking and the reaction.
Art-wise I found it took it in a different direction to the type of early Daredevil comics I've seen before. It was less flair and more focused art. My favourite part was when Daredevil's trawling through the city with the skyline becoming blood red and playing with his shadow against some buildings. It was art in motion.

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Just for the pure charisma of Purple Man, ya-hah Hunny!

True Believers: The Criminally Insane - Purple Man No 1 (originally published as Daredevil (1964) #4)
Stan Lee - story
Art - Joe Orlando
Inking - Vince Colletta
Lettering - S. Rosen