Monday 27 January 2020

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf 2020 part 1 (Star Log)

Okay, this year's Winter Lights wasn't too cold on the day that I went so the experience was even more pleasant than it was on previous years (I didn't particularly wrap up warm on the day). The first nine in the trail are in this post. Let us dive in!

1. Mi-e dor de tine by Daisler Association

2. Bit.Fall by Julius Popp

3. The Clew by Ottotto

4. Liquid Sound by Entertainment Effects

5. Absorbed by Light by Gali May Lucas

6. Sky on Earth by Uaii Studio

7. Time & Tide by Paul & Pute

8. Shish-Ka-Buoy by Angus Muir Design

9. Lactolight by Lactolight

Monday 20 January 2020

Superman #75 (RE:VIEW)

Don't think I've read a single Superman comic since the New 52, which I started reading the Action Comics series and the Superman series. #75 follows on from the defeat of the Justice League and cities left in ruins, but only Supes still stands in the way of Doomsday. Let's dive in!
This isn't just a comic book, it's a blockbuster with each page capturing each action to the full extent. It jumps right into the action with my wigs being sent into full orbit. There's that raw emotion which is captured with full-on dramatic flairs surrounding the focus on the characters and the pause in thoughts that beautifully captures the raw emotion of pain, humanity and exhaustion.
There's the subtle metaphor of the cape as it appears throughout the whole comic as it's torn to shreds, stamped upon and ends floating in the wind as a torn flag. The attention to detail is not lost despite with details deep on the destruction, slug-outs and additional drama of having Jimmy and Lois in the mix, yet the cape illustrates the dire seriousness of the situation.
The power of emotion really does shine through really strongly (seeing that it is full-page spreads) which help elevate the issue to new heights. One of the most memorable moments I find is when there is a full-page shot of Lois and Jimmy with a camera lens capturing the moment Superman and Doomsday toppling away from each other. It was a powerful moment captured of the sheer power of the circumstances.

The ending killed it with Lois crying into the winds with Superman lying dead in the heap (nuff said).

Dollar Comics: Superman #75 (originally printed as Superman #75)
Dan Jurgens - words & pictures
Brett Breeding - finished art
Glenn Whitmore - colours 
John Contanza - letters

Sunday 5 January 2020

Ghost Rider: King of Hell #1 (RE:VIEW)

I haven't really read a solo Ghost Rider comic since the early 2000's since the reprints in the Mighty World of Marvel. I'm ready to sink my teeth into this one and see what's on offer! the story follows Johnny Blaze and the Spirit of Vengeance as they are sent hurtling into hell faced with trials and tribulations. 
It's been some time since I last ventured into the world of Ghost Rider so it came as a surprise to find that this would probably be the best comic book to come back to for that reintroduction of the character. It comes when both of them are separated when sent to hell but the personalities are really well represented like 2 sides of a coin. It's like getting to know the characters all over again.
This is a tie-in comic I believe into the Damnation storyline which is part of Doctor Strange's main story. Something that I am very familiar with since following all his adventures in many of a back issue started reading some time ago. But with this, I'd say it is very easy to pick up from the get-go without the need to read the main storyline which would help if you just want to keep it to just Ghost Rider.

Well, the Ghost Rider plans to storm the ranks of Mephisto's castle and plant himself on his throne. The "seven circles" are the challenges faced to get there which becomes more of a fleeting rendezvous but fun to read through nonetheless. I guess it just shows his confidence in quickly dispatching the challenges in hell which I'm sure that they are a frequent visitor and actually, it does make a lot of sense when Johnny says that he fears nothing since I'm sure he's fought with everything imaginable. Of course, the comic book ends with the Ghost Rider on the throne - the end!

Subscribe? Yeah!

I would love to see what he does with hell. What makeover he'll have, you know... more mosaic tiling, gilded plinths and water streams aplenty. Get with it!

Ghost Rider: King of Hell No 1 Halloween Comic Fest 2019 (originally printed as Damnation: Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider #1)
Christopher Sebela - scribe
Phil Noto - illuminator 
VC's Travis Lanham - calligrapher