Saturday 17 November 2018

Remembrance Art Trail 2018

All the following works are by Mark Humphrey which was all featured as part of the Remembrance Art Trail in 2018 based in Canary Wharf. I listed them all below of artwork names and locations.
1. Lost Armies - Jubilee Park

2. Lost Solders - Montgomery Square

3. Butland Capsule - Canada Place Level -1

4. Life Blossoms Again - Canada Place Level -1

5. Brothers in Arms - Crossrail Place Roof Garden

6. ANA - Adams Plaza

7. Fallen Soldier - Cabot Square

8. Nick Beighton Part 1 - One Canada Square Lobby

9. Nick Beighton Part 2 - One Canada Square Lobby

10. Every One Remembered - Jubilee Plaza

11. Point of Everyman's Land - West Wintergarden

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Star Log Entry 13 - Misadventures in Stafford with yours truly

Last week I attended the Microsoft Digital Live Show in Stafford. I rocked up to the venue in style and SLAYED for the rest of the day… the end!

I was hoping that was the case but in actual reality, I rocked up to the venue and found that all the entrances were literally all locked up. I did firm shoves to make sure, until I came across the poster plastered outside the main entrance. The event was on the 24th May it said and the thought that shot instantly into mind was “hang on, is today not the 23rd?” Taking out my phone, the instant rush of “hell to the no” happened as I arrived one day early to the event. Absolutely typical! 

Absolutely mortified, I called someone at Firebrand who I was to meet with the next day who was very empathetic to the whole situation and arranged helped arranged accommodation for myself. I was not even remotely prepared (emotionally) for this so I had to think quick before the end of the day came. I rushed to get lunch and did a run dash of emergency shopping of supplies to prepare myself for the evening. Surprisingly, I slept well overnight.
I was pumped the next day following the previous day’s fiasco and enjoyed the event. Despite being quiet where I was with Firebrand Training, it was a first of its kind run by Microsoft in the UK so there was room for trial and error this time around. 

We met with a gentleman who saw the signs from above after being branded with Firebrand everywhere he went. It was so insightful of the work he did in providing young people with a platform to rise up in the ranks in confidence and then passed them into the world of work that they feel that their paths will be. 

It strongly reminded me of how I first started and just building the first rungs of my career into where I am still going now. I do want that for all young people to experience regardless of the background that they come from as it’s always nice for someone to believe in you despite the many challenges that along the way. When I first started, it was really difficult just to get myself out there as there were so many doubters that I couldn’t see where my potential laid as my judgement was clouded by so many insecurities. There were a few numbers out there that really pushed me in big ways so that I could take small steps to get there. 

I hope others realised this as well with my interview with Firebrand which can be found here.