Sunday 24 August 2014

Year of the Bus: LEGO Bus Stop

2014 marks the “Year of the Bus” celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Routemaster and the 75th anniversary of the RT-type bus. Part of the celebration, they have erected a Bus Stop made completely of LEGO in collaboration of LEGO, Transport for London and Trueform, marking the 200th year anniversary of the bus.
Walking along Regent Street you may notice by Hamley’s toy store a peculiarly looking bus stop right by it. The whole installation held an impressive 100,000 LEGOs consisting of the bus stop stand and shelter. Created by LEGO professional (official!) Duncan Titmarsh, the Bus Stop was there between 19th June 2014 to 15th July 2014.
I became immediately enthralled by the sight and was in complete awe of it.  It definitely was not hard to miss which brought a smile on my face and bring a smile on a face on any passersby. The first thing I did was do a 360 take running my fingers along. The colours are what you would expect LEGO to be: full of light and vibrancies.


Friday 8 August 2014

The Big Volunteer THANK YOU Party

The Big Volunteer THANK YOU party is for all the Pride in London volunteers. It was held on Saturday 12th July 2014 starting from 18:00 to 22:00 at the Two Brewers in Clapham.
I entered the main lounge and initially thought “where the party at?” and I’m sure I wasn’t the first to think that. After being pointed to the right direction, I crossed the threshold into a dingy underground illuminated by limited dim lighting skirting around the edges of the room with the main stage being lit.
The evening started with a chance to mingle with the other volunteers. Spoke to a few people there: a couple on the parade route, a groupie at the Trafalgar Square and an electrician. They all had amazing Pride experience stories to share and the electrician had stunning pictures.
The evening was home to two drag acts who belted out hit after hit with humour that added that dazzle of glitter on the evening. The evening ended with the prize draw with a lot of the tickets a miss with the people having already left. It was vouchers galore and runner ups were given Pride in London t-shirts. It ended with music dancing into the nights.

Thursday 7 August 2014

Pride in London 2014

Pride London 2014 was a quite a blast being Pride in London’s second year organising it. The running theme this year was “Freedom To...”
Meeting point for Pride volunteers was Metropolitan University where everyone was provided with a bag of food and goodies donated by Tesco and a drawstring bag donated by Citibank. Each volunteer was given a pink Pride volunteer wristband to show to participating shops along the parade route for free refreshments and discounts.
Split into groups, everyone made their way to the designated areas of their post. Once on site, we were orientated about the whereabouts of everything and a chance to get to know the group.
As it progressed on to the 12pm touching point, we were then suddenly greeted by heavy rain which had me completely waterlogged from head to toe. For the whole day, I did not manage to dry off but it definitely did not dampen any spirits as the atmosphere kept the love alive.
Got complimented for looking good with a “flag” around my head, got mistaken for “Bart Stewart” (still have no idea who he is... anyone please enlighten me!) and taking random selfies with pride goers were the many things that came out during my day at Pride. Bumped into a load of people I knew and having seen for some time. It’s so wonderful how Pride can bring everyone together – a celebration of the individual and community.
This year had a stellar cast of performers on stage with the 80’s making a grand comeback from the likes of Sam Fox and Sinitta. Sir Ian McKellen came on much to the applause of everyone. He then introduced Conchita who was the headline act for this year and I can pretty much say that received the hugest applause of the day. Conchita performed That’s What I Am and Rise Like A Phoenix.
Pride was amazing and I had a chance to meet so many amazing people. It’s why I will always keep coming back year after year and it will never grow old for me. Drinks up for Pride in London 2015!

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Gay Outdoor Club Evening Walk

The Gay Outdoor Club (GOC) is groups of organised social outdoor activities such as walks, cycling and rock climbing. This year they offered a free walk in conjunction for this year’s Pride event which was held in London’s Regent Park and to commemorate the 40th anniversary which is quite a feat for a gay organisation.
Starting at Regent’s Park Station, there was quite a crowd turn out for the walk. Starting off there was an introduction in regards the walk and a chance to see who came over from Pride.
Everyone I’ve spoken to were approachable and friendly even with the never-ending rain couldn’t dampen any spirit. I’ve had so much fun listening to all the different stories, interests and having many laughs walking down the route with the others.
We went through the Queen's Mary Garden which featured a spectrum bed of roses planted beautifully across different areas of this section of the park. This eventually leads up to the Open Air Theatre showing a selection of plays throughout the year. We went up Primrose Hill where we found London in view painted on a grey canvas of clouds London’s towering and cascading buildings on the forefront. After gathering in the views, we made our way through Regent's Canal to finish at the Black Cap pub. I've had an amazing day out and I will most certainly be up for another walk with the group.
For further information, you can visit their website at where you’ll find information to join. You can give them a try out by attending to the walks to see if it is your scene. They also have an array of activities that does not only involves walking such as biking and rock climbing.

Friday 1 August 2014

Pride Volunteering Fair 2014

The Pride Volunteering Fair is an official Pride event organised by The List. This year it was held at Hogan Lovells International LLP who also provided the drinks for the evening. Held on Monday 23rd June 2014 from 18:00 to 22:00.
Upon arrival, there was a chance to enter a draw to get on the official Pride in London’s mega bus during Pride. All that was required was to drop a business card into the draw cup and the draw would be announced later on.
The event was an opportunity to find out about different LGBT and related charities as well as a chance to chat to other attendees. Views from the venue looked out upon Smithfield on the reception floor with an adjoining terrace balcony connecting the main room where the event was held.
Charities there included:
·         Broken Rainbow
·         National Aids Trust
·         Stonewall
·         Prostate Cancer UK
·         Army LGBT Forum
·         Diversity Role Models
·         Pride in London
·         LGBT Humanists UK
·         MildMay
·         NAZ Project London
·         Positive East London
·         So So Gay Magazine
There was a table reserved for Stonewall Housing but they were not able to make it. There were different organisations ranging from domestic violence to HIV to prostate cancer. There were opportunities to sign up to their mailing list for upcoming available volunteer positions. With the exception of Army LGBT Forum and So So Magazine, you’re able to find out how to volunteer with the organisations through their respective website.