Wednesday 21 April 2021

Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some X-tra big sized bonanza! Nightcrawler returns back to the mansion after Krakoa opens a portal there and an investigation ensues as the team take on a haunted mansion. Let's dive in!

The story and the plot is well put together but it does feel kind of on the short side and rather that it explored more in the creepy side in the mansion itself. I mean it feels like forever since I've been in the X-Mansion and forevermore now that's everyone's in Krakoa. It would feel synonymous with great horror tropes to play with rather than going all alien up in this house halfway through the issue. 

Ironically, I remember there was a X-mas X-Story involving Illyana who haunts Colossus and now someone else is doing the haunting on Illyana. Anyway, I'm super excited as Nightcrawler is my fave X-Men (Marvel NC was my username on Runescape!) and it's always a great joy to see him go on an adventure. 

I love the art style to which is actually the same artist I grew up with when I was reading them in the UK Collectors' Edition of Essential X-Men which is always nice to make that connection. The art does feel nostalgic and makes a nice return for me in the X-Men universe. 

There's so much fun getting scared which I felt they built up using atmospheric tropes of bringing some familiar dead characters back into the fray (I can only assume everyone is back from the dead following the House of X event). The build-up to the horrifying mid-issue reveal is quite the one to stay around for. Despite being a giant-size issue, the issue itself felt short though but that could just be the testament of wanting more of the good from it (I guess it is hard to fill in so much in so short of pages available on hand). 

It's actually quite nice to see the team come together and use their suited abilities to the changing situations instead of being relegated to the background. It's also the introduction of two characters for me with Cypher and Eye-Boy being two of them with their weird and wonderful abilities on display. 

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Haunted X-Mansion - yes, yes, yes!

Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1
Joanthan Hickman - story and words
Alan Davis - story and art
Carlos Lopez - colour artist
VC's Clayton Cowles - Letterer
Tom Muller - Design
Publisher - Marvel

Monday 29 March 2021

True Believers: King in Black - Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Iron Man! Iron Man dukes it out with Dr Doom to get his mitts off his equipment. Let us dive in!

Gosh, you could always forget when Iron Man was in the closet about his identity. Live that double trouble life that is Tony Stark/Iron Man. It's funny how no one questions how they're both never in the same room yet Iron Man is supposedly Tony's bodyguard when in actual fact they are both the one and the same. 

Anyway! I'm surprised Tony has all the money in the world but not enough manpower to protect his goods when his cargo is being ransacked at sea except Iron Man saves the day. I mean Iron Man can't save the day for EVERY cargo being shipped... he got other things to do! Like... firing his staff on the spot for selling their goods to Doom. Permission to misbehave? Denied! Being savage is all in a day's work for Tony. 

Tony better watch his back as Doom's lackey seeks revenge and ultimately sashayed both him and Doom literally in a portal. It's kind of interesting to see so many people against Doom even the people of Latveria. I'm so used to seeing Doom idolised by the citizens of the country that I felt that they always seemed to be attuned to his evilness as being good. 

It's trial and tribulation for Iron Man as he has to use his brains to overcome his adversaries. Long gone are the days when superheroes used to explain their thinking in getting out of sticky situations which is exactly what Iron Man does during this issue in overcoming a trap, an illusion and the fight against Doom. There's a science behind it. Science, yes.

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Where they at?

True Believers: King in Black - Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 (reprint of Iron Man volume 1 #149)
David Michelinie - plot/writer
John Romita Jr. - penciller, art
Bob Layton - plot/finished art
Joe Rosen - letterer
Bob Sharen - colourist
Marvel - publisher

Thursday 25 March 2021

Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Spidey! Pete gets called into Ravencroft to see Smythe turn over to the "good" side. Let us dive in!

The cover is a strange bag of a mix of characters for a Spider-Man comic but it is a "Symbiote Spider-Man" so here to live for it. Ironically though, Spidey saves a kid who mistakes him for Daredevil. Have to say that I don't mind being saved by Spidey if ya know what I mean - uh, ha ha ha - oh, never mind. The story does take several turns and it does feel slightly disjointed with the supposed storyline of the Watcher and Kang thrown in the mix of Kang siphoning Watcher's knowledge to save the universe while we have Peter fighting some shadow beings. All in a day's work!

Of course, Uatu the Watcher always makes a grand speech wherever I see him and this comic is no different. There's no Watcher appearance without one of his famous speeches. Kang's another character who I guess is trying to "save" the universe (I guess he's thinking that) but I'm curious if he really is or that he thinks he is doing so. I'm guessing the big threat has something to do with the King in Black crossover event.  

Can't believe anyone in the right mind would give a supervillain of epic proportions tools of any sort to carry out experimentations and that's what they do at Ravencroft in the form of Smythe who has always wanted to take down Spidey for decades. Who even runs this clown show? Cannot wrap my head around this! Smythe manages to unleash these very sinister and creepy looking shadow creatures that I would not want to be caught in the dark with. Black Knight in shining armour comes in to save the damsel in distress Spidey. They look cute together.

Mister E as in Mystery! Get it? Oh uh... I'll see myself out...

Anyone looking for Rocket should probably lower their expectations as he only makes umm... one appearance in the whole issue.

Have to say the art in this issue is solid with everything being easy to read from the expressions, kicks, flairs and backflips to exploding spaceships. It's all there in full glory. I guess there's a lot to have fun with this issue too with street-level to cosmic proportion fun. Get it, girl!

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Give Spidey a crown!

Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1
Peter David - writer
Greg Land - penciler
Jay Leisten - inker
Frank D'Armata - colourist
VC's Joe Sabino - letterer
Marvel - publisher

Monday 15 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 9 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Vision! It's go-time for Wanda and Vision as they fight for their right to part-tay. Let us dive in! (spoiler alert)

It's witch Wanda versus witch Agatha... who's the better witch? There's only one way to find out... FIIIIIGHT!! It's quite the opener with Agatha stealing some of Wanda's mojo away from her with each spell cast towards her. I mean Wanda really does have her work cut out for her. The Wizard of Oz reference killed me and I was loving it. I love that Wanda sends her children to their room when Agatha has no trouble fetching them. Wanda is quite the quick learner from picking up tricks from Agatha such as teleportation and rune casting. I would have to say Agatha is quite right in the regard that Wanda doesn't know what she's unleashed especially she's kept a town under her spell and manipulated reality. Oh snap, Agatha will be quaking in her boots. 

The Vision and Vision fight were both pretty equal until Vision pulled the philosophy trick out of the hat. It's a very clever moment I found than one that always plays out in Marvel that fisticuffs always seem to solve the issue but the brain play does in this situation. Also, love the small attention to detail in that they took it to the library. The library is open. 

The artistry of the show is amazing with the battle sequences between Vision with white Vision and Wanda and Agatha especially the last battle sequence with the full Scarlet Witch reveal just gave me goosebumps. The moment went Wanda was bringing the wall down was just a beautiful and sad moment when we find out that her family all tied to the hex so she couldn't remove them or her family will pretty much vamoose (got a bit teary too - sob sob). Wanda's Scarlet Witch costume was just breathtaking and really well designed.

Team Monica seems to all have small parts which serve a higher purpose though. I mean I could do with a bit more of them in the episode as they've always been such fun characters. I really do hope that I get to see more of them in the future (of course, Monica will serving some looks in Captain Marvel 2). Don't even get me started on Fietro as the character was a slight let down as the revelation is that he's Ralph umm... Bohner (Agnes's "husband"). 

Gosh, the ending got me. Dang it, it got me so bad. I cried even before I knew it was going to happen... the moment with the children and the final conversation between Wanda and Vision just sent me over the edge. I was such a blubbering mess. 

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Sob, sob sob, sob!

Tuesday 9 March 2021

True Believers: Annihilation - Odinpower #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing the might of Odinpower. Let us dive in!

Gosh, these recent True Believer issues are giving me a lesson in superheroes and what they can do with their powers. It was Silver Surfer travelling so quick that he can travel in time and now it's the other half with Thor whirling his hammer so quick that he can space warp. They both can make a deadly c-c-combo! Not much going on in Thor's side except Lady Lorelei trying to seduce the heck out of Thor but I think her sis Enchantress might have something to say about that. She gonna zap that wig into space. Lorelei does have the greatest power of all time with the power of sexuality. Rogers was gonna rat on her but one kiss from Lorelei resolved that. Should have worn rubber lips (Batman & Robin ref).

The main course is Odin's tale of woe and empowerment! Have to say I have no idea Surtur outside the Thor films but he does prove quite the big baddie in this as he gives Odin and Bros a run for their money. Let's take a pause here and appreciate the names of the bros being Vili and Ve (and I sing Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?). They literally join together like a Go, Go Power Rangers to form a mega Odin and clunk clunk goes their sword. I'm surprised with the combined efforts couldn't take out Surtur in one go yet Odin is able to rain snow in Surtur's volcanic lair.

Not much context at the beginning for it to stand on its own but the ending was served in epic proportions dished out to Michelin standards. It does have a poignant ending in that you feel for Odin in having lost his brothers so that they can trap Surtur and give up their powers to juice Odin up. What is with it though that Odin does not like Thor partnering up with a human lady and not a robot. 

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Is that a tear in my eyes? No, I have hay fever!

True Believers: Annihilation - Odinpower #1 (reprint of Thor volume 1 #349)
Walter Simonson - art and story
John Workman, Jr - letterer
Christie Scheele - colours
Marvel - publisher

Saturday 6 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 8 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Vision! Agatha's got her serve on and she's giving Wanda a walk on the runway. Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead)

Agatha gets her origins nicely whipped up in this episode as she is brought in front of her coven for practising magic above her pay grade. This episode does show her manipulative side in high fashion from the beginning where she pleads with mother witch to kiss and make up but then sports a sinister smile as she levels up in power as she steals that mojo from the coven. Talk about a switch-up in character. She does form a sort of mentor to Wanda in this episode by giving her some home truths about spellcasting and to move forward is to look back which is a nice way to reflect and remember. This is sort of reminiscent of the comics where she does teach Wanda how to control her abilities. Her final boss form does seem a bit of place in the final shot with its regal dark colours. I'm gonna see how she dukes it out with Wanda. 

Gosh, I knew about Wanda's past but to see it in high fashion display is quite the tearjerker. They don't let down on the shock value as Wanda and Pietro's parents are blown away by an explosion. Didn't quite get why they were not instantly mourning over the loss of their parents but then again they must have been dealing with a lot of emotion especially with Wanda saying it would be like a "bad dream at the end of the episode". This does strike a chord with me in the way that she loathes the reality she's in so she creates lives in her fantasy reality of the sitcoms of her childhood. Shock, horror! The revelations in this episode cast a different shade on her in that everything I thought I knew about Wanda wasn't exactly the case. Hell of a revelation!

Wanda and Vision's relationship is explored and it does shine another light as I said in a previous re:view that I felt that their relationship didn't feel solid enough for me to invest in them as a power couple as they were in the comics. Here though, it goes back into the past and I see that they have beautiful chemistry in their way their views come together and forms a perfect fit. It's beautiful in the way that Vision describes grief as "love persevering". The moment was so tender and sad. We do see the puzzle pieces come together of how Westview came about and the strong grief that Wanda experiences that pushes herself to the limits. I did cry in those moments and then the meta clap from Agatha happened to bring me back to Earth. Dang, can't let a girl cry, can ya?!

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Let the witch battle commence! 

Thursday 4 March 2021

Black Cat volume 2 #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some kitty cat action - me-ow! Black Cat think she be doing a night of kitty cat burgling but she got another thing coming for her instead. Let us dive in! (warning: spoilers ahead)

It's a short read but what's a girl gotta do in this town to get a drink? Well. it's a hit and run for Black Cat as a Marvel crossover event slam dunks into her catty thievery as she some crowned jewels from an old SHIELD underpass. It does come off with a brilliant ending as we find out her skills are put to the test as she has to steal a Doctor Strange from the Symbiotes, which kind of reminds me of the Ant-Man first film which I had so much fun watching.

Black Cat's personality is on display and it's great to see great new perspectives from the main King in Black event. It reminds me that she's not a person to gel into the main crossovers as it's in her character to have a low profile as she's a kitty cat burglar with bling bling coming out of her paws. It's funny how Captain America knows of her through Spider-Man. Wonder what he told Cap about her? Hmm....

Love what they did with the place with the panels with different stylings that bring things together with the storytelling of perspectives, action and dramatisation of events. Makes for a good read and very quick to pace through especially you want to just jump into the main course. Yummy!

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Bring on the kitty cat!

Black Cat #1 (volume 2)
Jed MacKay - writer
C.F. Villa - artist
Brian Reber - colour artist
Ferran Delgado - letterer
Marvel  - publisher

Tuesday 2 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Wanda! Seems to be Wanda running the show now but is it really her that running it? Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead)

Y'know... it's not entirely the WandaVision show without Vision, hun. It's clear that she misses him as the first thing she does when waking up is to reach for him. It's the kind of love that's the real kind of love. Darcy knows it, I know it and you better know it!

I love how Wanda and the kids are super concerned in the previous episode for Vision and I was expecting them to pick him up. I expect that they know that he's safe when he was absorbed back into the hex. Anyway, this is a lesson on how to be a bad mother 101 when she wakes up late, doesn't tend to her children and tells her kids to just deal with it. I have no idea what I missed... I mean it's just been one night and all hell has broken loose for Wanda. Like girl, get it together!

Gosh, the product placement is out of this world in this episode with the boys scrolling through decades of gaming consoles and inconspicuous opening of the fridge to see the many varied products on display. It's like I stepped out of a Lady Gaga Telephone music video. 

I'm living for Vision and Darcy being the ultimate comedic duo in this episode. It involves Darcy knocking the guy out that didn't offer that cup of joe from an earlier episode which was a nice homage. It's super hilarifying to see them overcome their obstacles in getting to Wanda. Snaps to that for offering that slice of cake as Wanda can be very intense in this episode which offers that balance. OMG, they were made for each other! 

Team Monica have split up and it's so sweet that it gets a mention that they miss Darcy! Monica being the ever so noble self does anything on all accounts to save Wanda and the rest of Westview in risking her life to get through the hex wall. But yas girl, she gonna get that pow-wa kapow. Her origin has finally landed and it's so beautiful in the way that it's done as she can hear voices of her past and images of her breakaway as she passes through the hex wall. Quite the thick wall at that but gonna get that A-class beauty scene. 

The ultimate dessert of the episode is Agnes as she is revealed to be "Agatha All Along". My gosh, she got the Disney villain treatment with an ultimate sing-a-long. It's like one of those evil pantomime villain moments which is so wondrous in all its glory. Moments like this make me live and literally can't get the song out of my head - ugh, I have become deaded!

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Oh no she didn't! She killed Sparky!

Annihilation - Scourge: Silver Surfer #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Silver Surfer! Silver Surfer faces annihilation as they face off against the Scourge. Let's dive in!

The artwork is so gorgeous and even the Scourge is even more terrifying here than they are in the Annihilation Scourge Alpha issue. I have not yet read Silver Surfer Black yet but can pretty much get the drift about what's happened to him which is so great as it's hard to keep up with everything. It doesn't take too much out of the story but I would say it enhances it as it provides that lens for me to see SS on a journey in discovering himself and as shown when he assimilates with a being hurtling through a planet's hemisphere and it beautifully shows the pain and powerlessness in overcoming his new bodily functions. 

I love the pacing of the issue too where it's calm and serene at the beginning to allow room for those paused moments and reflective thoughts, which is quickly dialled up with the pacing of the incoming danger and in dealing with the real threat. It's fluid in build up like I can literally chart it.

The scourge is terrifying in this! Especially Ronan and Captain Marvel. They are worse than the ones in Alpha and I'm having nightmares tonight. This time we're getting the Scourge Defenders which I thought was a nice touch to the issue and a homage to Silver Surfer's hey-days. 

The ending sees the return of Robert or Bob otherwise known as the counterpart to the Sentry who gets their back story of how they got there which is a nice respite to the whole issue but the ending is just wow! It reminds me of the Spirit of Vengeance and Johnny Blaze being separated in Hell but joining together, the wonders are limitless and exciting! 

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I want me some more Scourge action!

Annihilation - Scourge: Silver Surfer #1
Dan Abnett - writer
Paul Davidson - artist
Matt Milla - Colourist
VC's Clayton Cowles - letterer
Marvel - publisher

Sunday 28 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 6 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Vision! It's Halloween and will it be a trick or treat for Pietro's return? Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead)

Love this episode's intro with a throwback to Malcolm in the Middle - it's totally my jam! Love the spin they did with it too with including their powers in it. More to say that both Billy and Tommy had an upgrade in the episodes in terms of major character development - they got powers - kapow! It's interesting that "Pietro" senses can see that Billy break the fourth wall. I just don't believe that Pietro is the same as the one in Fox's X-Men film series as we may have led to believe as he seems really different from the character.

There's a lot of fun in the episode especially with the "me gusto mucho" moment with Wanda and Vision which I had to rewind several times as it was too hilarifying. When they go trick or treating was another hilarifying moment with the added bonus of Wanda's expressions (really sold it for me).

It seems quite tight between Wanda and Vision and Billy seems to senses it by also bringing it to out attention of breaking the fourth wall. A lot of wonderful expressions from Wanda and Vision as they know that the relationship is strained.

Team Monica seems to be gelling together really well as they intuitively work together to overcome their adversaries after being ejected from the operation. I'm just hoping that Monica gets her powers in the series and shows it in full force after it's been hinted at by Darcy showing her medical scans. Then there's Hayward who I always knew was a shady b when it's been uncovered that he had tabs inside the hex all along. 

Vision and Agnes have a wonderful moment and it's so fascinating seeing Agnes's character just come out of character and back in with a flick of a switch. It's one of the main highlights of the episode that proved to become such a memorable moment. 

OMG! The ending is sooooo EPIC! Sent chills down my spine with the sense of urgency and dramatic flair as Billy flags down Wanda while Vision is slowly wasting away having gone outside the hex. When Wanda just let go, my wig went into orbit, sucked into a black hole and sent to a parallel universe. The moment was just beautiful. I had to replay that scene several times for its pure epicness.

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*cue titles*

Wednesday 24 February 2021

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Silver Surfer - Rude Awakening #1

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you an adventure of galactic proportions as Nova prepares a feast for Galactus for when they take on the might of Thanos but Silver Surfer shows that there is more to life. Let us dive in!

You know... reading this issue made me realise Nova does get around quite a bit with her fair share of herald love interests and does fall for Galactus at some point (insert citation). I mean Galactus does pick 'em right so I don't blame her. Snack! 

Anyway, it's nice to see the juxtaposition shown between her character and Galactus's in this issue with - spoiler alert - that Silver Surfer shows her a planet much like Earth and ask if she would have Galactus destroy it and without hesitation, she says she would. A but and a VERY big but and I'm not talking about the mighty derriere of Galactus, it's Earth in the prehistoric times when men walked Earth resembling more of our ancestral Neanderthals. She gasps and realises the reality of her actions. It kind of provides a fresh new perspective on morality and choice which paints Nova in a different light in this issue especially by the end, which is tragic yet beautiful at the same time. 

With the new perspective in place, it kinds of got me thinking about Galactus in being umm... not a villain. I guess in some regards like Dracula who is found in a circumstance that they have to an urge to fulfil their hunger but it satisfied by blood or in Galactus case in the destruction of a planet to harvest its resources. I mean Galactus wanted to take down Thanos as he realises that the threat that he brings. See... good guy! 

There is no Galactus issue without destruction unless the Fantastic Four stop you of course! It provides such a beautiful juxtaposition to the life that Nova sees and posed even more by the beautiful yet terrifying destruction of a planet and a body floating in space that Nova witnesses. This issue has so much depth to it ending on a cherry on the top poignant ending as Nova contemplates the future of planets ahead. 

Wait, how did Silver Surfer become Superman with time travel super-speeding. He ain't breaking a sweat... weeerk. 

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Galactus want that feast... nom, nom, nom, nom

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Silver Surfer - Rude Awakening #1 (originally published as Silver Surfer volume 1 #51)
Ron Marz - writer
Ron Lim - penciler
Tom Christopher - inker
Ken Bruzenak - letterer
Tom Vincent - colourist 
Marvel - publisher

Monday 22 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 5 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision (cue the titles)! Kids... you can't control 'em. Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead!)

Here we go! Two major Marvel characters in de facto force, well... kinda. Billy and Tommy are finally here in the MCU and they grow up so fast or in Agnes's words "you can't control 'em". It's nice to see the sitcom elements continuing into the next decade with Agnes bringing in full fun. She comes in yet again... in fact twice in the episode at the most opportune moments. It's very strange though as she becomes self-aware that she's in a sitcom herself and seemingly know about Wanda's abilities but not to the full extent as she is caught unaware when the kids tell her to bring their newly adopted dog back from the dead as they are found dead in the arms of Agnes. Something doesn't add up and it's sort of the same case for Wanda that there are circumstances where she's been caught off-guard. I wonder though how much Agnes knows about Wanda.

With Billy and Tommy, their personalities aren't as blown up yet in this episode as I guess it's still the Wanda and Vision show as Wanda tends to her motherly duties while Vision goes to work. It's interesting that the children can't be persuaded or as Agnes puts it "control" as Wanda can't seem to use her powers of persuasion to influence their answers when asked why their father is working on a Saturday. Kind of how Agnes presents herself in this episode too in that she seems to be living on her own accord. Ralph gets a mention too in that she gets sprayed with lavender as there's no ummm... taming this beast. Hang on, what kind of spray is this? 

Hayward seems to be showing his true colours in this episode it seems a nefarious plan brewing in the mix. Love the touch when Woo says "Hayward's a..." and actually finished by Hayward himself when he was describing something else, which turns out to be "terrorists". This has to be a clear indication of things to come from Hayward, right?

It's great to see Monica come into the mix and this episode really shows many sides to her in being able to adapt quickly into a group with Darcy and Woo, perseverance and empathy. I love that she still believes in the good in Wanda despite everyone else's misgivings, sensing her grief and speaking to Wanda on a level of empathy. For me, she's definitely the one to watch.

It's great to see how Wanda wrestles with motherhood and using her own experiences to pass words of wisdom to the kids and Wanda is self-aware without feeling the need to conceal herself. Something must have flicked her switch or maybe it was Monica who started the process. What's more confusing though is that she must be fully self-aware as she was able to come out of the hex which makes points of previous episodes even more confusing. It's nice to see the puzzle pieces coming together.

Things start to unravel on Vision's side as he learns more and more with us. Both points do come colliding at the end as I've never seen Vision erupt like that. Like hun, he went through the roof and sent my wig with it. It's what I'm loving the series is that it showcases these characters in a new light. 

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Wanda, who is doing this to you?

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 4 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision! We're getting a slice of lemon tea as we delve into the world outside. Let us dive in! (warning: spoiler alert!)

Now we get to know the real Monica Rambeau and snaps to that. It's quite the opener as we see the world returning from the blip following Avengers: Endgame and super great seeing her reaction to what's happening around her. In fact, she seems unfazed seeing people return back from dust, but then again I thought it was down to the fact that her mother was missing from her bed in the hospital. Then with further thought, I remembered that she did grow up in the world of Captain Marvel and it's not every day you meet aliens from outer space. Off the bat, it's a zinger with the fact that her mother passed away while she was dusted. It built the character of Monica so beautifully that I immediately empathised with her with also knowing that her mother was not able to see her as she was dying. It's beautifully juxtaposed with the bringing life into the world in having delivered one of Wanda's twins.

The return of Darcy! Say what you may about Thor and Thor: The Dark World I actually really enjoy them and I'd say the quirky humour that Darcy made me live for those films a bit more. I was curious how they were going to tie her into WandaVision, but I love her even more. She's not the intern anymore as the show wonderfully fleshes out her character with high intelligence, while even more so retaining her quirky character, which I even live for even more. I found that Darcy and Agent Woo make a good pairing too, with their personalities bouncing off each other. 

Let's get to the main staple of the show, Wanda and Vision! It's a killer of a twist as we see dead Vision and oh my, what a vision it is! It's really shocking and it's very disturbing to think if Wanda is really animating a dead body so she can play happy family. It's really confusing how the personality is nailed down albeit that it does seem like a different vision to the one we see in the films in that he doesn't have full self-awareness but here he does. Love that she ends it by saying, "I have everything under control" which is slightly not true as she is caught off-guard by several things like not being able to control the bird in the third episode or hearing as we find in this episode Woo's voice over the radio.

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I have everything under control.

Sunday 21 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision! Wanda is preggers and it's gonna be a gas. Let us dive in! (spoiler alert ahead!)

Much as I love the back and white episodes, do love a colour back in their lives again. I really do hope it gets explored as to why we saw colour in the black and white world but it does throw her off when she saw the toy helicopter and the red blood on Lottie's hand. Anyway, the set design is gorgeous and we get to see the babies' crib (yo!) and the outdoors are done in the style of I'm guessing a more modern sitcom (70's I'm guessing as it seems to be going up by a decade each ep) but it resembles more of a modernist painting. This does seem to limit the outgoings but it is very fitting since Wanda is staying more indoors as her pregnancy is a secret (hardly). 

There's been a switcheroo to the characters with Geraldine upgrading to supporting character while Agnes takes more of a minor role but an important one I would say (sadly no running Ralph jokes this episode). I have no idea if Geraldine is playing up to her character but she does it so well in the episode and she brings a life of air to the scene. I love that she was the one that brought one of the twins into the world juxtaposed with the death of her mother

It's pretty interesting to see Agnes seems to have an awareness of the world she's in as if staying quiet about it will allow her to remember more details. Not sure if it's fear or just nosiness about the situation of Geraldine being the outsider. Nonetheless, it seems to play off either way especially she makes a dash for it when Vision presses her.

The main course was the playoff between Wanda and Vision as her imminent birth leads to a tumultuous of events that are super fun to see and brings a different flavour to the episode full of joy and fun. The facade seems to break down more for Vision though as he starts to notice some things are not right from the hints he gets from Agnes, Herb and the doctor. This is super apparent when nice Wanda becomes scary Wanda at the end of the episode when Geraldine asks about Ultron and her brother which hit more than a nerve with Wanda. There's an eeriness when Geraldine vanishes and has a very deadpan expression.

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The twist at the end has me gagged

Wednesday 17 February 2021

True Believers: Avengers - Nebula (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some cosmic intergalactic hoedown - cue the music! This time I'm bringing you some Avengers and Skrulls team-up as they bring the beat 'em up to Nebula. Let us dive in!

Diving straight into the deep end with this being part of Secret Wars II crossover event which I know very little about so don't really know Nebula's real motive but that she wants to bring doom and gloom. To be honest, I'm not very well acquainted with the comic book version of Nebula so can't really make much commentary on that front but the girl knows what she wants and she gonna get it!

Anyway, in what world does the Avengers team up with Thanos to take down Nebula??? I could almost forget that the Avengers are working with Skrulls. Anyway, in what world does the Avengers team up with Skrulls to take down Nebula??? 

It is revealed - spoiler alert - that Nebula and Starfox are related?!? Somebody write me a book of revelations and not of the biblical sense - amen!

A lot of the story focusses around Firelord who should have teamed up with the Avengers as he finds - spoiler alert - that Nebula has destroyed his hometown. Hell hath no fury like a - ummm - wo-man scorned as he exacts revenge and takes it to Nebula's ship. It's beautifully detailed and his anger comes off the page but funnily enough built up to the point that Nebula should fear him but is blasted off and no one there lit-ter-rally knew he was even there as he gets blasted off faster than team rocket and into the arms of the Beyonder. 

Beyonder does seem naive in this in that he pops in wanting to help the Avengers but zaps Nebula and the crew away when they truly just want her to be brought to justice. Oh Beyonder, you did it again! *cue comedic music*

So much does happen in this comic with great chemistry between the Avengers and Skrulls in taking Nebula's ship down. Captain America giving that fresh valiancy talk with the Skrulls to be less - uhhh - villainous. It's great to see Avengers out in space and adapting to their new surroundings. I just wonder why Nebula is that much of a foe that brings together the Avengers and Skrulls...

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Show me the money! Oh, I mean the true colours of the Beyonder and of why he wants the Avengers!

True Believers: Avengers - Nebula #1 (reprint of Avengers V1 #260)
Roger Stern - writer
John Buscema - breakdowns
Tom Palmer - finisher
Jim Novak - letterer
Christie Scheele - colourist
Marvel - publisher

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Frieze Sculpture 2020 part 2 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... oh well, part 2 of my part 1 postie on Frieze sculpture! Here are the rest of the sculptures. Let us dive in!

7. Lupine Tower - Arne Quinze

8. Torre di Saba - Gianpietro Carlesso

9. The Plait - Kalliopi Lemos

10. Untitled 1 (Bronze Bodybuilders) - David Altmejd

11. Five Conversations - Lubaina Himid

12. Humans-Animals-Monsters - Patrick Goddard

Monday 15 February 2021

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing some monster on monster action as the Thing tends to Man-Thing for stealing their thunder. Let us dive in!

You know, the Thing is quite bully despite their many valiant heroism. I definitely would not want to get on the wrong side of them. The Thing gets wind that someone else has claimed the part of their name in "Man-Thing" so without any second thought wants to give them a taste of the same medicine for umm... claiming his name as part of their name. Sounds confusing but I'll work it. Then he torments the shopkeeper in paying part of his ride and then torments the bus driver to drop him off a point that isn't the bus stop. Like... take several seats, hun. 

Can't say that I'm very well acquainted with the Man-Thing but they seem charming for a being of very little words. They look very cuddly but probably best not to be caught dead of night. Poor Man-Thing, he can't seem to catch a break in the peace of the swamp. There is respite for the Thing in seeing that Man-Thing's situation is much worse than his.

Love that the word "porno" is exchanged between the Thing and the shopkeeper. I just hear a kid somewhere asking their parents, "mum, dad... what's a porno?" 

The son of the Molecule Man adopts the mantle seeking revenge for their father's exile. He is quite terrifying actually especially in his transformation. Kind of reminds me of the Gangers from the Doctor Who as they are terrifying in how they are formed. He does get too big for his boots by undermining Man-Thing who later gets him back anyway. The Molecule Man's power comes from umm... a magic wand which taketh away his power with Thing knocking it out his hand with a bit of ummm.... Man-Thing's sludge. This comic is all kind of weird.

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The turn of the century moment when Thing turns from wanting to give Man-Thing a thumping to lovey-dovey.

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1
Steve Gerber - writer
Gil Kane - penciler
Joe Sinnott - inker
Jean Izzo - letterer
G. Roussos - colourist
Marvel - publisher

Saturday 13 February 2021

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you some nailbiting tension as the crackdown of Daredevil whereabouts are sought while he is bleeding out. Let us dive in!

The pacing of the writing is beautifully done and in a matter of minutes, I was completely enthralled and wanting more, more, more like Rina Sawayama. It's propelled by a strong sense of urgency interwoven with different layers of story that ultimately comes together beautifully like a jigsaw in the final hurrah of the issue. 

The art style is I gritty, dark and unpolished. It complimented the writing and helped pace it forward. I did flit through this super quick so the art styling is very clear to follow - werk.

The camaraderie (or lack thereof) between Urich and Kingpin is so fascinating with Urich taking a swipe at him to get the answers. For a fleeting moment Kingpin looked vulnerable but I wasn't too sure if it was the intention or if I just got it wrong as a few frames later it appeared that Kingpin had their winning face which was mindboggling. Can't quite put my finger on it yet...

On the other side, you have Black Widow and Elektra duking it out with threats galore between the two with Black Widow saying she'll whoop Elektra's buttock. This is sooooo meta with Black Widow zapping Elektra in the face and Elektra being hilariously fine on the next page. Maybe Elektra is more of a threat than Black Widow anticipates but they're all on the same team for the moment.

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It does have a cinematic quality to it with fast pacing writing with action and art to compliment.

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1 (reprint of Daredevil Volume 2 #80)
Brian Michael Bendis - writer
Alex Maleev - artist
Dave Stewart - colours
VC's Randy Gentile - letters
Marvel - publisher

Wednesday 10 February 2021

DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some Batsy, Batsy, Batsy! Penguin's a do-gooder but Bats is having none of it and is coming to crash the party. Let us dive in!

Batman is my homie! I actually grew up with the animated series on which I believe that this comic spun from. But yeah, can't exactly remember fully well how the writing was but the one in this issue has its quirks with learning new words with Penguin. 

To be honest, I don't know much about Penguin except what I've seen in cartoons and Batman Returns. So it's refreshing to see that he's very well-spoken and has a certain knack to him that shines charm that quickly descends into villainy outcry. He calls the shots to some extent but it's interesting to seem a man of such intellect be pulled by the strings of their puppet master that is - spoiler alert - the joker (who other than him though?) and ironically gets the last laugh for their namesake.

Batman on the other side of the coin does not see the good in Penguin. I mean why can't villains catch a break when they "appear" to be good. He comes in for that bing, bang, wallop moment in bringing the henchmen down. Love a good sound effect - it can drive me wild. Just give me a comic full of thump sound effects and I'm there, babes. 

The art styling is very, very, very in tune with the animated series so no complaints from me there. It's pretty much almost like it's done down to a T.

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Bruce and I are on a first name basis

DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #1 (originally printed as The Batman Adventures #1)
Kelley Puckett - writer
Ty Templeton - penciller
Rick Burchett - inker
Rick Taylor - colourist
TIm Harkins - letterer
Scott Peterson - editor
DC Comics - publisher

Some light in the darkness (Star Log)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... light magic! This time I'm bringing you some Christmas cheer in umm... February. Let us dive in!

So umm... it's lockdown 3.0 here in London and I was hoping to have already seen the Winter Lights festival which ironically I came across in Canary Wharf while visiting a friend and said I'll come back to it when I have time. That time never came. But... here are some Christmas lights to get us in the mood and bring some light into our lives.

Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square

Seven Dials

Carnaby Street

Regent Street

New Bond Street

Oxford Street

South Molton Street

Granary Square

Coals Drop Yard