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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Some light in the darkness (Star Log)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... light magic! This time I'm bringing you some Christmas cheer in umm... February. Let us dive in!

So umm... it's lockdown 3.0 here in London and I was hoping to have already seen the Winter Lights festival which ironically I came across in Canary Wharf while visiting a friend and said I'll come back to it when I have time. That time never came. But... here are some Christmas lights to get us in the mood and bring some light into our lives.

Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square

Seven Dials

Carnaby Street

Regent Street

New Bond Street

Oxford Street

South Molton Street

Granary Square

Coals Drop Yard

Wednesday 9 October 2019

The Dark Crystal exhibition (Star Log)

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from the Into Thra: The Dark Crystal Age of Resistence exhibition especially as I haven’t even seen the film (own it on Blu-ray though but haven’t gotten around to watching it). My colleague told me that it was dark. That was about it. This came from the mind of Jim Henson so it’s like bad Muppets, I guess?

I actually went past the Gaming Lounge first and I don’t even know why but I expected a retro-style arcade type game, but upon closer inspection, it was a tactics game on Nintendo Switches. 

Moving on to the gallery, I noticed that every single person was an adult but then I put it down to that the film/series itself seemed a bit grotesque at parts from the clips that showing. Giving it more thought though, it could just be that they grew up on the film seeing that the film is about 30 years old (if I remember correctly). 

The design featured photographs, props, models and drawings from the series. From just this section, I could see that it was a super-rich universe and a lot of craft goes into it.

With the time closing in on me, I moved past the voice-over booth which featured literally a voice-over for a clip. There was quite a queue for it!

Next was the Castle of the Crystal area which featured the banquet from the film as well as the Crystal itself (get me – I’m saying it like I know the film!). There was an anagram to solve from symbols featured in a handout I was given. Deciphering it gave the following letters:


(see if you can figure it out as it took me ages to figure out)

Next was a remodel of the Endless Forest (not really endless in this case) and the Stone-In-The-Wood (equivalent to Sword in the Stone?). 

The final section was the gift shop where I had to have successfully deciphered the word to the anagram. Clues were that it was a word that it wasn’t related to the film, it was 5 letters and it started with “T”. I definitely needed more help than that, maybe just giving the word to me. After hmm-ing and ah-ing, I came up with “Truth”. Bingo! I gained a gorgeously illustrated print (don’t know the artist though – should have asked in hindsight!). 
EDIT: Wasn't too sure if I was going to share the post as my phone got stolen so there's nothing to really to show! In the end, I decided for it as I'm not going to let any no-good doers ruin my day xx

Thursday 8 August 2019

First 10K Run! (Star Log vol 2 entry 6)

“It’s Britney B!” I exclaimed as I woke up. I was feeling excited for my 10k run that I didn’t even train for at all. I mean if you call running to work because you’re going to be late if otherwise training than I’m all for it! It’s my first ever 10k so RIP me xx

In a rush to get to Hyde Park for my Pride in London 10k run, I knocked down a blueberry cheesecake (cos I can) and some blue Innocent juice. I guess that should be enough.

Getting to the park, I got myself signed in and bumped into my workmate who decided to run too. We got chatting and helped me put on my bib as he could tell I was a beginner. Then an announcement was made for warm-up. The warm-up involved getting close together, running on the spot and hitting the person to the left and then the right. The warm-up killed me. Let’s hope I live to tell the tale at the end of this run.

We all got into formation and then… bang! We were off! I started to pace myself on a slow jog because I want to at least make it to 5K. If I had it any other way, I would walk the grounds as my runway except I would end up with no audience. 

I’m jogging away, having a fun time and just owning it. Oh, there’s a sign up ahead, I’ll take a closer look... what! It shows as 1KM! It feels like I’ve been running miles now! I could already imagine my workmate had already finished by that point. Good gosh, better keep going. 

For the rest of the run, I paced myself against another person until they ran ahead, so I paced against another person. This continued for the rest of the run until I hit the 5KM mark. Thank god, I need water! Running to the bandstand, the pointed in the other direction for me to get the water from the other side. Okay, here goes round 2 – fight! 

I proceeded and they gave me a cup with half of it being drunk by the grounds beneath me – sigh! Plan of action, pace against one person all the way. Fast-forward to the end and I hit 1 hour 8 minutes and my workmate finished in 50 minutes. Ace for my first run - feel like I can take on the world! Thank you, next!

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Spiceworld 2019 (Star Log Vol 2 Entry 5)

This was it! It felt like the Return of the Spice Girls tour in 2007/2008 was their last tour (well, as a 5-piece anyway) so I was astonished to find out that they were going on tour. I knew something was afoot when I received an e-mail (a few months before the official announcement) asking if I wanted to continue receiving updates.

I got to the venue and it was pretty busy with people slamming it to the left, shaking it to the right and the chicas to the front. My emotion ran high as I got closer and closer to entry, and so I entered. 

I was greeted by two members of event staff and one of them asked, “how old are you?”
I froze as my mind went blank and a few moments later I returned back to Earth. “Ummm… 27”
“O…K…” the person replied. The other person smiled, probably sensing the inner Girl Power child from the ’90s that collected the official Spice Girls album photos, listened to Spice Up Your Life on repeat and watched One Hour of Girl Power Vol 1 one too many times and never got tired of it. 

I got in and realised that everyone was wearing rain ponchos and I was standing right smack bang in the middle of the stadium with no roofing to be seen. I asked around but couldn’t get one within the confines of the stadium – just my luck! 

Anyway, never the mood killer, I descended the stairs slowly… snail pace slow as I gathered in the surroundings of the stadium… my first ever Spice Girls concert… it was emotional as I never had the chance to see them but I am here now… present in the moment to be graced by the presence of pop legends. 

I knew I was in for a stunner as the concert started off with a bang (literally) with confetti floating around (gotta get it). The hits came one after another, and it just kept hitting me. The music, the production, the dancers, the band and the girls… ohmigosh, and the girls…
There was a moment when Emma looked out into the direction of where I was standing. A group of us started to form up and wave. She got emotional about it and then we did. I mean… I just…! Geri then had a moment when she got emotional shortly after. The emotion was just high.

I was slayed with emotion and went home feeling inspired, positive and girl-powered. The next morning, I realised the whole of my living room was covered in confetti and realised that a lot of it accumulated in the hood of my hoodie. I retained it as to capture the magical moment I had that is Spiceworld 2019.

Monday 5 August 2019

Pride in London 2019 (Star Log Vol 2 entry 4)

Having woke up from a dream of Ru Paul singing “Chic, Freak, Fantastic, Slay”, I was ready to take on Pride! This year marks the 50th anniversary since the Stonewall Riots and I’m pretty sure everyone will be there to commemorate it. It will be my eighth-year volunteering for London Pride so I was very well versed in throwing glitter dust into the crowd.

I woke up from a message from my mother:

Every thing mummy so so sorry . I’M so love you and your sister. 

This was important to me especially as she never really apologised to me for the things she did to me when I came out. She would tell me to come out when she has passed away, take me to China to marry a Chinese woman or make a snide comment that being gay is a disease that being it automatically gives me HIV. For that reason, I just stopped talking to her as I had to move on and live my life. It took some time for me to find the strength to get back to her and even when I did go back, she still made the same comments.

Life long memories made with pumping up the crowd with Spice Up Your Life blasting from the speakers. It was so much, I mean SO MUCH fun dancing and throwing the moves to the crowd. 

Another moment to cherish was manning the very glamorous portaloos that a girl started to dance to a song on the stage that it got me going with her groove too. She ended up saying that she loved me and that I was too kind. I was so touched at that moment like that, it's what Pride represents to me, being able to own yourself and share experiences (that feeling of the community).

Once the party was over in Trafalgar Square, I sashay and shante myself to Soho to grab dinner. One the way there I was stopped by a gentleman who was with his friends. He asked me, “is that Armani?” as he pointed to the t-shirt I was wearing. I sniffed the air quickly to see what he was high on and found that he must be high on the Pride atmosphere, so I replied, “oh no (giggle), this is Primark.” He laughed and his girlfriends smiled. He asked what I was doing to which I replied that I was on my way to dinner and we then all bid each a happy Pride with me being on my merry way. That was amusing.

Tuesday 30 July 2019

The awkward photo (Star Log Vol 2 entry 3)

London Film and Comic Con – bring it! Signed up for that three-day goodness that is a comic con. 

Strutting into the Olympia with fabulous stride, they sported me with a wristband which was coloured Sporty Spice blue. Feeling pumped with Spice energy, I was going to take the house down and SLAYAGE.

I bumped into my friend who complimented my Fin Fang Foom t-shirt. Okay, I was very well prepared for this very moment… “Thanks, it’s a Jason Polan design for Uni Qlo…” A stallholder also complimented my t-shirt so I gave him my speech too, “Thanks, it’s a Jason Polan design for Uni Qlo…” I ended up with a Planet Hulk and Age of Ultron trade paperback from him.

Okay, I’m going straight into my photoshoot with Zachary Quinto. Me being a MASSIVE fan of Heroes knew that I had to get a picture with one of my teen-hood hero. In my mind, I imagined the photo was beautifully taken and we then walked hand-in-hand into the sunset… except it didn’t happen that way…

Nerves hit me as I entered into the photoshoot area and it just got worse and worse as I ventured closer to him. It’s only when I got there he said, “hi, how are you?”
I replied, “I’m great thanks. How are you?” Then I kind of blurred out (I didn’t even catch his answer) and looked at the camera. *snap* What just happened?
I thanked him and sheepishly walked away to pick up my photo. The person handed it to me and I looked down at the photo. “Oh god!” I exclaimed and just couldn’t contain myself at the expression I had. The lady heard me and offered to retake the photo. I mean I really wanted to, but the photo was me being present in that moment. I knew what was going on in that photo. I was pretty much was caught off-guard asking how he was, that the photographer snapped me at that moment. I mean these photoshoots aren’t really that personable as it’s an in-and-out operation, but the picture I took made it personable, and yeah, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

How did I sign up for this? (Star Log Vol 2 entry 2)

I don’t know how does “do you want to meet up for coffee?” become “are you fit enough to do a 15-mile walk?” How did I sign up for this…?

Meeting my friend at Waterloo, we took the train to Kingston for a 9am walking route with a group on Meetup. We got there and I noticed someone in running gear at the station. Were we the first ones there or were they? We stood around… waiting… waiting… and waiting… until the person came up to us and asked if we were part of the walking group which I valiantly replied we were (with puffed out chest)! We introduced ourselves but were very quickly joined by the rest of the group. 

So the Fellowship of the Ring’s journey has now begun! We all walked off into pairs. I paired up with a gentleman who happens to live in Croydon (my childhood), we both reminisced about memories we had of the Whitgift shopping centre and shed a few tears (well, the last part didn’t happen) but we quickly came to realise we shared a lot in common such as… gaming! The rest was history! 

We walked about 4 miles without even realising it. It was extraordinarily strange for the both of us as we were of course not accustomed to so much walking but we did it. It all went swimmingly until he had to take a pee in the bushes (we were nowhere near any loos). He came back holding his trousers together and said his top button popped off… classic! If only this was a Carry On film – comedy gold in the making. I lent him my Captain America belt that I only wore as an accessory (don’t judge). He even went so far as to compare my Blu-ray collection to the death of fax machines as thanks for my gesture of goodwill, but he did compliment my Marvel bag, which saved him (kinda).
For the most part of the journey, we alternated between the others. I also got chatting with a person who worked in marketing and worked super crazy hours. She travelled the world and we shared common grounds on being Chinese. We talked about the language and culture – the vast difference between the two of us. They mentioned that they lived in London for 10 years but didn’t feel like a Londoner. It’s so weird to think I know nothing of these people a few hours ago but now I know their full life story which I absolutely love (I should do it a bit more). We ended it by her giving me advice not to run my 10k in denim jeans (should we not look good running?).
I parted ways from the rest of the group as we were not making a pit stop at Holland Park which was part of the original trail – we were out of time! I headed into the Design Museum and Kyoto Garden. Funnily enough, as I entered Kensington Gardens, I saw someone wave at the corner of my eye… it was my workmate! I greeted her and then the sudden realisation hit me… I walked 15 miles!! I hugged her and went on my merry way smiling at my accomplishment.

Monday 22 July 2019

To dance the discount Carlton (Star Log vol 2 entry 1)

For me, meeting strangers is no easy feat. Even more so when I agree to be an art tour guide to a couple visiting from Spain (or another exotic country that I can’t remember). The nerves got to me when they were visibly in front of me and I just let out a wave enthusiastically (do something to break the mood).

For the purpose of this post, I will just call them A and B. As we went around the gallery, A stated that he doesn’t have an eye for art while B seems very inquisitive in their own world often going ahead of us but then reporting back to us in what she observes. A seems to have a penchant for philosophy, often spouting deep thoughts into death, valiancy and freedom. It’s quite interesting to couple them together as if they both form their own strong case studies.

A does seem to have a way of words and I often find myself having to keep up on what he was saying. In the middle of it all, he turns around and asks me “you don’t like food?”

I was astonished and just replied, “huh?”

He replied that I was very thin to which I replied I do try my best… It reminds me of a time when I would just say anything that came to mind most of which was not even without thinking. I feel like I become wiser since those heydays (*cough cough* barely).

So let’s fast-forward: art, art, memorabilia, more talks about philosophy, art, art, sights of London, art and more art.

We stayed until closing until everyone was booted out into the streets or into the bar. Except B goes shopping in the gift shop and A and I hit the dance floor. I mean I did a few side steps but he went all in… I mean all in! He was doing double fist pumps and a discount Carlton. People were giving him looks and were moving away from us which was handy as we could do with a bit more dance floor. It was interesting because that was how I was like before. Having that thirst for life and seeing him in full throttle makes me want to give life a boot and I LIVE for that!

Fast-forward a bit more, B is stood outside waving at us. “Ummm A…. B is right there! Think she telling you to check your phone”. He looks down and says that she want to leave. He continues to dance… I waved to B to come in but they shake their head. I took A to the door and tried to get him outside to have a word with B except he doesn’t want to. “Then leave then!” A exclaims at me. I was shocked at the lack of compromise. I pleaded to A to go see B because it was unfair. I exited. A followed and they had a heart-to-heart felt conversation and they decided to part ways with me and bid me goodbye.

It was a different experience… Thoughtful in many ways. But since then, I decided that I will live my life to the bestest that I can (ugh clich├ęs!) and dance that discount Carlton into the sunset until sunrise.

Wednesday 30 May 2018

Star Log Entry 13 - Misadventures in Stafford with yours truly

Last week I attended the Microsoft Digital Live Show in Stafford. I rocked up to the venue in style and SLAYED for the rest of the day… the end!

I was hoping that was the case but in actual reality, I rocked up to the venue and found that all the entrances were literally all locked up. I did firm shoves to make sure, until I came across the poster plastered outside the main entrance. The event was on the 24th May it said and the thought that shot instantly into mind was “hang on, is today not the 23rd?” Taking out my phone, the instant rush of “hell to the no” happened as I arrived one day early to the event. Absolutely typical! 

Absolutely mortified, I called someone at Firebrand who I was to meet with the next day who was very empathetic to the whole situation and arranged helped arranged accommodation for myself. I was not even remotely prepared (emotionally) for this so I had to think quick before the end of the day came. I rushed to get lunch and did a run dash of emergency shopping of supplies to prepare myself for the evening. Surprisingly, I slept well overnight.
I was pumped the next day following the previous day’s fiasco and enjoyed the event. Despite being quiet where I was with Firebrand Training, it was a first of its kind run by Microsoft in the UK so there was room for trial and error this time around. 

We met with a gentleman who saw the signs from above after being branded with Firebrand everywhere he went. It was so insightful of the work he did in providing young people with a platform to rise up in the ranks in confidence and then passed them into the world of work that they feel that their paths will be. 

It strongly reminded me of how I first started and just building the first rungs of my career into where I am still going now. I do want that for all young people to experience regardless of the background that they come from as it’s always nice for someone to believe in you despite the many challenges that along the way. When I first started, it was really difficult just to get myself out there as there were so many doubters that I couldn’t see where my potential laid as my judgement was clouded by so many insecurities. There were a few numbers out there that really pushed me in big ways so that I could take small steps to get there. 

I hope others realised this as well with my interview with Firebrand which can be found here.

Monday 29 August 2016

Star Log Entry 12: Sculpture in the City, Notting Hill Carnival and POP! She-Hulk

Sculpture in the City

I always look forwards to seeing new sculptures appear in the City on a annual basis which gives a perfect opportunity to explore the architecture against the new crop of sculptures created by artists around the world. It's more perfect on the weekend, when the City workers have their days off leaving a quiet haven to do some exploring. Blog post coming soon!

Notting Hill Carnival

I was planning to go to the Notting Hill Carnival with my sis Ann on Sunday but looking at the weather, it seemed that the rain may put a stop to the plans.

On the day though, the rain wasn't that bad - a little rain never hurt anybody (but a lot can kill ya)! Instinctly, I texted my sis to tell her it's back on and naturally she texted me an hour later to say she'll be there in 2 hours. As much as I would love to see her, ain't anybody got time for that!

The rain most certainly didn't dampen any spirits as the Carnival was in full swing in every direction with music blaring from multiple speakers and people dancin' in the streets. It's the busiest I've ever seen so far in the years I've attended and the atmosphere most certainly captures why as it brings a community together to celebrate a culture that thrives on being alive.

POP! She-Hulk

I didn't even know that Funko had release a POP! Vinyl She-Hulk until Ed and I spotted it in Forbidden Planet. I fell in love at first sight as I simply marvelled at the sculpted beauty of the bobble-head. Ed got for me as a gift for getting my new job and he knew I am HUGE fan of She-Hulk. I just became a giddy fan boy as I bounced with it all the way home with it. At the back of the box shows that Doctor Strange comes part of the same wave so will get that next time I see it at Forbidden Planet or may just get it at the London Film and Comic Con or the MCM Comic Con as they usually pretty well stocked with all walks of POP! Vinyls.

Sunday 14 August 2016

Star Log Entry 11: Spotlight and Luna

Saturday saw the return of the Spotlight Festival to Seven Dials with a day of fashion, lifestyle, dining, art and performances. Ed and I headed down to enjoy what was on offer in enjoying art made of fruit and live performances.
We took to drawing cats on a collaborative piece branching off Seven Dials. Ed’s the first one and the second mine. Take your pick as to who’s the best cat drawer!
Today, saw a return of a family friend’s cat Luna who will be with us for the 8 weeks. She’s so cute!

Monday 25 July 2016

Star Log Entry 10: Magnum Summer Streets, Busk in London and BFG Trail

Busk in London Festival 2016

Busk in London was launched in 2015 by the Mayor of London as a staple of street performances known as “busking” founded on the value of easily finding talent across London and as a way to cultivate the talent.

This year’s event actually became the world’s first International Busking Day on Saturday 23 July over the weekend with events across 100 locations around the world. The first day was to see all performances of visual arts, music and all different variety acts. A lot in store for the day. The day after, I went to see my sis who was working on the day rallying people to become creative materials at hand.        

Regent Street – Summer Streets: Fashion with Magnum

Last week of Summer Streets with Magnum! Didn’t see much fashion-y stuff lined up on Regent Street and noticed only one catwalk installed while most of the street were free ice cream stalls.

There were huge queue galore for the ice cream and a lady actually joined me at the back and asked if this was a line for the ice cream to which I replied it as. I joked that it was quite a queue to which she agreed. She mentioned Ben and Jerry’s doing a trip around giving out free ice cream which I’m gonna have to look up as I love me some ice cream. I got my hand on Magnum’s new peanut butter ice cream with the lady going for the same. I was quite satisfied with what I got without heading into sugar rush but she went back for seconds which was quite admirable.

The BFG Trail

For the past week or so, I’ve been doing the BFG Trail which was slightly hella annoying as some were temporarily moved to Leicester Square for the premiere of the film. With more insult to the wound, some were temporarily removed due to damage. Talk about respect! I know that some people may want to stand on the sculptures but they have to consider that a lot of hard work did go into making these sculptures and the money made from the proceeds of the sculptures go to charity. If they go out of play, people won’t get to see these sculptures and more money is pumped into repairing them. That’s why I always make sure if I do see someone stand on them that I tell them to get off as a way to respect the property.

The BFG Trail blog posts are coming soon so watch this space!

Monday 18 July 2016

Star Log Entry 9: London Pride, Ghostbusters and Summer Streets

London Pride

It’s my first year being a senior steward at Trafalgar Square seeing that I’ve done general stewarding for the previous 4 years and this was a chance for me to push myself that extra mile to see what I was capable of. I had an absolute brilliant team this year with everyone doing a super long shift from 11am to 8pm, marking the first year I’ve been in a team that did not have team members leave, which I was absolutely proud of. They all done a damn good job at it!
A lot of care and work is needed to put into events which I didn’t realise when I was stewarding generally. But I guess it is because it is in light of recent events such as Brexit that the level of rowdiness may have increased.
This year’s pride fell on the Orlando shooting with many tributes and talks focussing on universally bringing the love and support on the tragedy. 2 minute silence was held out of respect for the victims and their loved ones.


My sister Ann invited me to go watch Ghostbusters with her. It was an early preview and e-mail stated we had to be there at 3:45pm as film is to promptly at 4pm with no advertisements shown. She was late as she forgot to bring her glasses with her. By the time she arrived, it was 4pm and I texted her beforehand that we can go somewhere to sit down and have a chit chat if she was late. But I thought it was very much worth asking anyway and the film didn’t even start! They were still letting people in halfway through the film so I’m guessing we were more than fine anyway.

The film was one hell of a film and my sister and I just looked at each other once the credits started rolling nodding to acknowledge what good of a film it was. You can read my RE:VIEW I did of the film earlier in the week.
Asides from that, Ghostbusters took over Waterloo Station with slime coming down from the ceiling and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man coming up from the ground.

Summer Streets 2016

It’s that time of the year again with Sundays of July blocked off from traffic to bring Summer Street to Regent Street. This year so far brings “Transport by Design”, “Health and Lifestyle” and “Garden Party”.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Star Log Entry 7: 5 years on at Oxfam Bookshop... guy with weird looks

Monday 31st October 2011

In the midst of the gloomy morning did I not think for a second that something was to come off that day. It was going to be an average day where I went back to the bookshop to run through the usual work errands did I not stop to think that in that afternoon everything was to change for me…
Coming up from the basement of the shop to replenish the shelves on the shop floor, I had only gone through the door to catch eye with the person at the comic book boxes at the till. He looked and gave me this eerily long and otherwise unsettling gaze. He raised his right eyebrow and I smiled. Who was this man?
In my natural defence, I backed up through the door and went back into the basement. Upon getting downstairs, I had told my manager of my situation saying, “There’s a guy upstairs giving me weird looks.” So we both ascended the stairs to deduce what is to become of this man.

Once upstairs, I had seen that the man in question wasn’t at the comic books no more and that he had now moved to the film section. On further precedence, I went up to him and popped the first question to break the ice: “Any good finds?”
He slightly lifted up his comics he had handpicked earlier on in his response. It was only then that I was called up to the till to cover for the person leaving. Upon taking my place, the mysterious man came up to the till and said that he saw me at the “Comic Mart”. Fumbling through my brain, my first impression was the seller who sold me the collectable cards. Just to make sure, I looked him up and down. He had a flat cap on, navy in colour with a blue jacket on. He was sort of on the broader side – size-wise. He had narrow eyes and slightly off-the-beat eyebrows that seem to brood over his eyes keeping it hidden in plain sight. That seemed ridiculously mysterious in itself. Was he Buffy Man? If he was, there is definitely no saying that he had put on a bit of weight if he was.
He could see that I didn’t remember him in any form or way so he asked, “what did you get at the mart?” Great, an opportunity to find out who he really is! “I got some Buffy cards.” That didn’t prompt any facial reaction. I was wrong. Great! What was I supposed to do now? I continued to pretend that I remember him but I did realise that he clearly knew that I couldn’t recall him at all. In all honesty, I couldn’t remotely recall him at all. I then told him that I usually just stay until the door closes in on the Comic Mart.

He had already counted up the comics which he called to £20 and said I should check it to confirm. Feeling guilty of having already that I lied to him, I said, “let’s go for £10” to which he thanked me.
With the next comic mart coming up on the following Sunday, he asked me whether I wanted to grab coffee after. The first thought that came into my head was of this small coffee shop with metal chairs and round metal tables, much like the ones they have in fish and ships shop. The second thought I had was of annoyance, mainly from the fact that I had already told him I was to stay until the end around 4pm, which I was to return to Oxfam to see the rest of the Sunday posse. “OK. Yeah. Sure.”
He thanked me again and went to the exit before turning around to smile and wave. I couldn’t help but notice that the sun was shining outside so I couldn’t help but smile and waved back. Once his departure in the store was felt, the manager asked me, “Who was he?”
“He’s Buffy Man…” I replied. Then another thought popped into my head - how do you have coffee?
To be continued…

Sunday 17 April 2016

Star Log Entry 6: 5 years on at Oxfam Bookshop... Marie

In a previous Star Log entry, I mentioned my meeting my new family on my first day at Oxfam Bookshop, and there are so many absolutely wonderful peeps at the bookshop that truly have become like family to me. There is someone else that I met through the bookshop... and that was Marie.

She was an intern from France and was interning as a assistant manager in the shop in 2011. We hit it off from the get-go with her taste in music and her vast knowledge in popular culture. We would talk about so many geeky stuff such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Desperate Housewives (cough, cough), our love of Lady Gaga and other things to name a few.

She had a warm and endearing nature, and looked out for me whenever I was there. I wouldn't take any lunch breaks or any break for a matter of fact, so she would pop down to Ben's Cookies during her lunch break and get me a cookie. And even then, I would go home and offer it to my mum first. There was another time when another intern made a joke about my sexuality to which she stood up for me and told me to just ignore him, which I really appreciated.

As a send-off when she was to return back to France, I remember telling her that she is a total geek without knowing it and got her a comic book as a staple of her geekhood. She got me a card and the one thing that struck me was that she wrote that I shouldn't forget to think a bit more about myself. I have ever since then, strived to put a balance in honour of generosity, kindness and heart to give something back but to also think about myself as well.

Sadly, we lost contact since she left as Ed and I were never able to decipher her e-mail that she jotted down in the card, but I am very grateful for having met her.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Star Log Entry 5: 5 years on at Oxfam Bookshop... scrapbook

At a time when I was ever on the tills at the bookshop, I'd find ways to keep myself entertained as we were not to leave the tills unless someone else takes over. There was a customer request book which no one ever used, so I started to start my own doodle/scrap book. I made sure to hide it away for my own creative emergencies so no one would catch wind of it, but it was inevitable that someone would find it and somehow everyone linked me to it as you will see. I eventually stopped doodling going into 2012 and took the book home as people kept taking bites out of the pages.
This was a quick drawing to May who did not know about Doctor Who's greatest foe the Daleks. My good friend Lesley stuck it in to the scrap book.

Random doodles

Having a Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights moment and was drawn after the previous one.
More random doodles

I believe it was cloudy the day I was drawing this.

One of the volunteers Rob drew this and I thought it was pretty cool.

A drawing of a witch in a storm

Found a orange colouring pencil at the till so draw this up.


Resting in serene grace.

Oxfam logo!

Top bit was drawn by Macy who somehow found out the doodles were done by me. She drew this up when I got my a new job offer!

I happen to find this note out of the blue and was surprised that Holy found out about my doodle book!

Done over a period of three days which I was very proud of.