Wednesday 29 April 2020

Annihilation - Scourge Alpha #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a cosmic scourge takeover! A mysterious force seems to have taken over the armies of Annihulus and Blaastar as they both join forces to try and overcome them. Let's dive in!
Something comes to mind when I think the scourge and that is the Marvel Zombies. The only difference though is that the scourge doesn't seem to retain the same intelligence instead that is replaced by the inertial need to serve a higher being. They can pretty much turn others into one of them by umm... exerting tentacles out of the mouths that envelops the face of the adversaries. It does sound peculiar at first but it is done in effect that it sends chills down my spine. There are several moments which happen where it just focuses in with colours that really accentuates the horror. Oh gosh and the Revengers (not the superhero team in Thor Ragnarok)!
The writing and development accentuate the story forward with battle feeling so intense that it makes the threat real. This comes with Annihulus having to put his differences aside and quickly his former self becoming a thing of the past. The comic relief is offered none other than Nova who provides the slight respite of the incoming problem.
The standout characters come out of Blaastar and Annihulus who shows a lovely contrast between the two with Blaastar being noble in aiding Annihulus troops when wounded yet Annihulus is very much "death" to all that goodness out there. The camaraderie does have fun to it as they battle their way through the forces. 

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This introduction to a strong crossover event shows a great offering in that Annihulus has to call upon desperate measures of his enemies to overcome an even greater enemy. 

Annihilation - Scourge Alpha #1 
Matthew Rosenberg - writer
Juanan Ramírez & Cian Tormey - artists
Federico Blee - colours
VC's Cory Petit - lettering 
Josemaria Casanova - cover

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