Thursday 8 August 2019

First 10K Run! (Star Log vol 2 entry 6)

“It’s Britney B!” I exclaimed as I woke up. I was feeling excited for my 10k run that I didn’t even train for at all. I mean if you call running to work because you’re going to be late if otherwise training than I’m all for it! It’s my first ever 10k so RIP me xx

In a rush to get to Hyde Park for my Pride in London 10k run, I knocked down a blueberry cheesecake (cos I can) and some blue Innocent juice. I guess that should be enough.

Getting to the park, I got myself signed in and bumped into my workmate who decided to run too. We got chatting and helped me put on my bib as he could tell I was a beginner. Then an announcement was made for warm-up. The warm-up involved getting close together, running on the spot and hitting the person to the left and then the right. The warm-up killed me. Let’s hope I live to tell the tale at the end of this run.

We all got into formation and then… bang! We were off! I started to pace myself on a slow jog because I want to at least make it to 5K. If I had it any other way, I would walk the grounds as my runway except I would end up with no audience. 

I’m jogging away, having a fun time and just owning it. Oh, there’s a sign up ahead, I’ll take a closer look... what! It shows as 1KM! It feels like I’ve been running miles now! I could already imagine my workmate had already finished by that point. Good gosh, better keep going. 

For the rest of the run, I paced myself against another person until they ran ahead, so I paced against another person. This continued for the rest of the run until I hit the 5KM mark. Thank god, I need water! Running to the bandstand, the pointed in the other direction for me to get the water from the other side. Okay, here goes round 2 – fight! 

I proceeded and they gave me a cup with half of it being drunk by the grounds beneath me – sigh! Plan of action, pace against one person all the way. Fast-forward to the end and I hit 1 hour 8 minutes and my workmate finished in 50 minutes. Ace for my first run - feel like I can take on the world! Thank you, next!

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