Tuesday 6 August 2019

Spiceworld 2019 (Star Log Vol 2 Entry 5)

This was it! It felt like the Return of the Spice Girls tour in 2007/2008 was their last tour (well, as a 5-piece anyway) so I was astonished to find out that they were going on tour. I knew something was afoot when I received an e-mail (a few months before the official announcement) asking if I wanted to continue receiving updates.

I got to the venue and it was pretty busy with people slamming it to the left, shaking it to the right and the chicas to the front. My emotion ran high as I got closer and closer to entry, and so I entered. 

I was greeted by two members of event staff and one of them asked, “how old are you?”
I froze as my mind went blank and a few moments later I returned back to Earth. “Ummm… 27”
“O…K…” the person replied. The other person smiled, probably sensing the inner Girl Power child from the ’90s that collected the official Spice Girls album photos, listened to Spice Up Your Life on repeat and watched One Hour of Girl Power Vol 1 one too many times and never got tired of it. 

I got in and realised that everyone was wearing rain ponchos and I was standing right smack bang in the middle of the stadium with no roofing to be seen. I asked around but couldn’t get one within the confines of the stadium – just my luck! 

Anyway, never the mood killer, I descended the stairs slowly… snail pace slow as I gathered in the surroundings of the stadium… my first ever Spice Girls concert… it was emotional as I never had the chance to see them but I am here now… present in the moment to be graced by the presence of pop legends. 

I knew I was in for a stunner as the concert started off with a bang (literally) with confetti floating around (gotta get it). The hits came one after another, and it just kept hitting me. The music, the production, the dancers, the band and the girls… ohmigosh, and the girls…
There was a moment when Emma looked out into the direction of where I was standing. A group of us started to form up and wave. She got emotional about it and then we did. I mean… I just…! Geri then had a moment when she got emotional shortly after. The emotion was just high.

I was slayed with emotion and went home feeling inspired, positive and girl-powered. The next morning, I realised the whole of my living room was covered in confetti and realised that a lot of it accumulated in the hood of my hoodie. I retained it as to capture the magical moment I had that is Spiceworld 2019.

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