Wednesday 24 February 2021

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Silver Surfer - Rude Awakening #1

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you an adventure of galactic proportions as Nova prepares a feast for Galactus for when they take on the might of Thanos but Silver Surfer shows that there is more to life. Let us dive in!

You know... reading this issue made me realise Nova does get around quite a bit with her fair share of herald love interests and does fall for Galactus at some point (insert citation). I mean Galactus does pick 'em right so I don't blame her. Snack! 

Anyway, it's nice to see the juxtaposition shown between her character and Galactus's in this issue with - spoiler alert - that Silver Surfer shows her a planet much like Earth and ask if she would have Galactus destroy it and without hesitation, she says she would. A but and a VERY big but and I'm not talking about the mighty derriere of Galactus, it's Earth in the prehistoric times when men walked Earth resembling more of our ancestral Neanderthals. She gasps and realises the reality of her actions. It kind of provides a fresh new perspective on morality and choice which paints Nova in a different light in this issue especially by the end, which is tragic yet beautiful at the same time. 

With the new perspective in place, it kinds of got me thinking about Galactus in being umm... not a villain. I guess in some regards like Dracula who is found in a circumstance that they have to an urge to fulfil their hunger but it satisfied by blood or in Galactus case in the destruction of a planet to harvest its resources. I mean Galactus wanted to take down Thanos as he realises that the threat that he brings. See... good guy! 

There is no Galactus issue without destruction unless the Fantastic Four stop you of course! It provides such a beautiful juxtaposition to the life that Nova sees and posed even more by the beautiful yet terrifying destruction of a planet and a body floating in space that Nova witnesses. This issue has so much depth to it ending on a cherry on the top poignant ending as Nova contemplates the future of planets ahead. 

Wait, how did Silver Surfer become Superman with time travel super-speeding. He ain't breaking a sweat... weeerk. 

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Galactus want that feast... nom, nom, nom, nom

Marvel's Greatest Creators: Silver Surfer - Rude Awakening #1 (originally published as Silver Surfer volume 1 #51)
Ron Marz - writer
Ron Lim - penciler
Tom Christopher - inker
Ken Bruzenak - letterer
Tom Vincent - colourist 
Marvel - publisher

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