Saturday 13 February 2021

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you some nailbiting tension as the crackdown of Daredevil whereabouts are sought while he is bleeding out. Let us dive in!

The pacing of the writing is beautifully done and in a matter of minutes, I was completely enthralled and wanting more, more, more like Rina Sawayama. It's propelled by a strong sense of urgency interwoven with different layers of story that ultimately comes together beautifully like a jigsaw in the final hurrah of the issue. 

The art style is I gritty, dark and unpolished. It complimented the writing and helped pace it forward. I did flit through this super quick so the art styling is very clear to follow - werk.

The camaraderie (or lack thereof) between Urich and Kingpin is so fascinating with Urich taking a swipe at him to get the answers. For a fleeting moment Kingpin looked vulnerable but I wasn't too sure if it was the intention or if I just got it wrong as a few frames later it appeared that Kingpin had their winning face which was mindboggling. Can't quite put my finger on it yet...

On the other side, you have Black Widow and Elektra duking it out with threats galore between the two with Black Widow saying she'll whoop Elektra's buttock. This is sooooo meta with Black Widow zapping Elektra in the face and Elektra being hilariously fine on the next page. Maybe Elektra is more of a threat than Black Widow anticipates but they're all on the same team for the moment.

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It does have a cinematic quality to it with fast pacing writing with action and art to compliment.

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1 (reprint of Daredevil Volume 2 #80)
Brian Michael Bendis - writer
Alex Maleev - artist
Dave Stewart - colours
VC's Randy Gentile - letters
Marvel - publisher

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