Monday 15 February 2021

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing some monster on monster action as the Thing tends to Man-Thing for stealing their thunder. Let us dive in!

You know, the Thing is quite bully despite their many valiant heroism. I definitely would not want to get on the wrong side of them. The Thing gets wind that someone else has claimed the part of their name in "Man-Thing" so without any second thought wants to give them a taste of the same medicine for umm... claiming his name as part of their name. Sounds confusing but I'll work it. Then he torments the shopkeeper in paying part of his ride and then torments the bus driver to drop him off a point that isn't the bus stop. Like... take several seats, hun. 

Can't say that I'm very well acquainted with the Man-Thing but they seem charming for a being of very little words. They look very cuddly but probably best not to be caught dead of night. Poor Man-Thing, he can't seem to catch a break in the peace of the swamp. There is respite for the Thing in seeing that Man-Thing's situation is much worse than his.

Love that the word "porno" is exchanged between the Thing and the shopkeeper. I just hear a kid somewhere asking their parents, "mum, dad... what's a porno?" 

The son of the Molecule Man adopts the mantle seeking revenge for their father's exile. He is quite terrifying actually especially in his transformation. Kind of reminds me of the Gangers from the Doctor Who as they are terrifying in how they are formed. He does get too big for his boots by undermining Man-Thing who later gets him back anyway. The Molecule Man's power comes from umm... a magic wand which taketh away his power with Thing knocking it out his hand with a bit of ummm.... Man-Thing's sludge. This comic is all kind of weird.

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The turn of the century moment when Thing turns from wanting to give Man-Thing a thumping to lovey-dovey.

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1
Steve Gerber - writer
Gil Kane - penciler
Joe Sinnott - inker
Jean Izzo - letterer
G. Roussos - colourist
Marvel - publisher

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