Monday 8 February 2021

Power Pack #1 (2020) (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some pow wow! Power Pack are back and ready to knuckle down on life and big bad tackles. Let us dive in!

Love the beginning! It starts off as a child's drawn comic book strip of the backstory and LIVING for it. There was a very funny moment when a character in the strip is shot down dead and I just can't... left my dying that something so graphic was in a child's drawing. The writing does shift to slightly bland compared fresh uptake start of the issue, as the kids try to contend with family life with humour that doesn't stick the landing. I felt that it was slightly held back and it could have been brought more forward in terms of pushing the humour envelope. It felt like dead air. This is slightly saved by the ending with as they work together cohesively to formulate a plan and take down the baddie.

I have to give it to them for re-establishing the characters and fully fledging their personalities out. It was a great joy to actually see them deal with situations in their own way and working together intuitively. It's a nice introduction for me anyway as I've not touched upon the world of Power Pack that often but have picked up a few issues as London Comic Mart after being recommended by a friend. I guess this a shortfall of the lack strong plot or story in the issue.

The art styling is very... minimal. I guess it's not a complaint but the focus was more on the subject but it would work better if there were more visuals on the subject too to push the oomph a bit more. It does feel good to see the powers in full display as well, as their powers are actually visually pleasing. 

Subscribe? I'll give it a go 

Lack of story or plot is aided by strong characterisation and slight visuals

Power Pack #1
Ryan North - writer
Nico Leon - artist
Rachelle Rosenberg - colour artist
VC's Travis Lanham - letterer
Marvel - publisher

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