Thursday 4 March 2021

Black Cat volume 2 #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some kitty cat action - me-ow! Black Cat think she be doing a night of kitty cat burgling but she got another thing coming for her instead. Let us dive in! (warning: spoilers ahead)

It's a short read but what's a girl gotta do in this town to get a drink? Well. it's a hit and run for Black Cat as a Marvel crossover event slam dunks into her catty thievery as she some crowned jewels from an old SHIELD underpass. It does come off with a brilliant ending as we find out her skills are put to the test as she has to steal a Doctor Strange from the Symbiotes, which kind of reminds me of the Ant-Man first film which I had so much fun watching.

Black Cat's personality is on display and it's great to see great new perspectives from the main King in Black event. It reminds me that she's not a person to gel into the main crossovers as it's in her character to have a low profile as she's a kitty cat burglar with bling bling coming out of her paws. It's funny how Captain America knows of her through Spider-Man. Wonder what he told Cap about her? Hmm....

Love what they did with the place with the panels with different stylings that bring things together with the storytelling of perspectives, action and dramatisation of events. Makes for a good read and very quick to pace through especially you want to just jump into the main course. Yummy!

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Bring on the kitty cat!

Black Cat #1 (volume 2)
Jed MacKay - writer
C.F. Villa - artist
Brian Reber - colour artist
Ferran Delgado - letterer
Marvel  - publisher

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