Tuesday 2 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Wanda! Seems to be Wanda running the show now but is it really her that running it? Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead)

Y'know... it's not entirely the WandaVision show without Vision, hun. It's clear that she misses him as the first thing she does when waking up is to reach for him. It's the kind of love that's the real kind of love. Darcy knows it, I know it and you better know it!

I love how Wanda and the kids are super concerned in the previous episode for Vision and I was expecting them to pick him up. I expect that they know that he's safe when he was absorbed back into the hex. Anyway, this is a lesson on how to be a bad mother 101 when she wakes up late, doesn't tend to her children and tells her kids to just deal with it. I have no idea what I missed... I mean it's just been one night and all hell has broken loose for Wanda. Like girl, get it together!

Gosh, the product placement is out of this world in this episode with the boys scrolling through decades of gaming consoles and inconspicuous opening of the fridge to see the many varied products on display. It's like I stepped out of a Lady Gaga Telephone music video. 

I'm living for Vision and Darcy being the ultimate comedic duo in this episode. It involves Darcy knocking the guy out that didn't offer that cup of joe from an earlier episode which was a nice homage. It's super hilarifying to see them overcome their obstacles in getting to Wanda. Snaps to that for offering that slice of cake as Wanda can be very intense in this episode which offers that balance. OMG, they were made for each other! 

Team Monica have split up and it's so sweet that it gets a mention that they miss Darcy! Monica being the ever so noble self does anything on all accounts to save Wanda and the rest of Westview in risking her life to get through the hex wall. But yas girl, she gonna get that pow-wa kapow. Her origin has finally landed and it's so beautiful in the way that it's done as she can hear voices of her past and images of her breakaway as she passes through the hex wall. Quite the thick wall at that but gonna get that A-class beauty scene. 

The ultimate dessert of the episode is Agnes as she is revealed to be "Agatha All Along". My gosh, she got the Disney villain treatment with an ultimate sing-a-long. It's like one of those evil pantomime villain moments which is so wondrous in all its glory. Moments like this make me live and literally can't get the song out of my head - ugh, I have become deaded!

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Oh no she didn't! She killed Sparky!

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