Monday 29 March 2021

True Believers: King in Black - Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Iron Man! Iron Man dukes it out with Dr Doom to get his mitts off his equipment. Let us dive in!

Gosh, you could always forget when Iron Man was in the closet about his identity. Live that double trouble life that is Tony Stark/Iron Man. It's funny how no one questions how they're both never in the same room yet Iron Man is supposedly Tony's bodyguard when in actual fact they are both the one and the same. 

Anyway! I'm surprised Tony has all the money in the world but not enough manpower to protect his goods when his cargo is being ransacked at sea except Iron Man saves the day. I mean Iron Man can't save the day for EVERY cargo being shipped... he got other things to do! Like... firing his staff on the spot for selling their goods to Doom. Permission to misbehave? Denied! Being savage is all in a day's work for Tony. 

Tony better watch his back as Doom's lackey seeks revenge and ultimately sashayed both him and Doom literally in a portal. It's kind of interesting to see so many people against Doom even the people of Latveria. I'm so used to seeing Doom idolised by the citizens of the country that I felt that they always seemed to be attuned to his evilness as being good. 

It's trial and tribulation for Iron Man as he has to use his brains to overcome his adversaries. Long gone are the days when superheroes used to explain their thinking in getting out of sticky situations which is exactly what Iron Man does during this issue in overcoming a trap, an illusion and the fight against Doom. There's a science behind it. Science, yes.

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Where they at?

True Believers: King in Black - Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 (reprint of Iron Man volume 1 #149)
David Michelinie - plot/writer
John Romita Jr. - penciller, art
Bob Layton - plot/finished art
Joe Rosen - letterer
Bob Sharen - colourist
Marvel - publisher

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