Saturday 6 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 8 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Vision! Agatha's got her serve on and she's giving Wanda a walk on the runway. Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead)

Agatha gets her origins nicely whipped up in this episode as she is brought in front of her coven for practising magic above her pay grade. This episode does show her manipulative side in high fashion from the beginning where she pleads with mother witch to kiss and make up but then sports a sinister smile as she levels up in power as she steals that mojo from the coven. Talk about a switch-up in character. She does form a sort of mentor to Wanda in this episode by giving her some home truths about spellcasting and to move forward is to look back which is a nice way to reflect and remember. This is sort of reminiscent of the comics where she does teach Wanda how to control her abilities. Her final boss form does seem a bit of place in the final shot with its regal dark colours. I'm gonna see how she dukes it out with Wanda. 

Gosh, I knew about Wanda's past but to see it in high fashion display is quite the tearjerker. They don't let down on the shock value as Wanda and Pietro's parents are blown away by an explosion. Didn't quite get why they were not instantly mourning over the loss of their parents but then again they must have been dealing with a lot of emotion especially with Wanda saying it would be like a "bad dream at the end of the episode". This does strike a chord with me in the way that she loathes the reality she's in so she creates lives in her fantasy reality of the sitcoms of her childhood. Shock, horror! The revelations in this episode cast a different shade on her in that everything I thought I knew about Wanda wasn't exactly the case. Hell of a revelation!

Wanda and Vision's relationship is explored and it does shine another light as I said in a previous re:view that I felt that their relationship didn't feel solid enough for me to invest in them as a power couple as they were in the comics. Here though, it goes back into the past and I see that they have beautiful chemistry in their way their views come together and forms a perfect fit. It's beautiful in the way that Vision describes grief as "love persevering". The moment was so tender and sad. We do see the puzzle pieces come together of how Westview came about and the strong grief that Wanda experiences that pushes herself to the limits. I did cry in those moments and then the meta clap from Agatha happened to bring me back to Earth. Dang, can't let a girl cry, can ya?!

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Let the witch battle commence! 

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