Monday 15 March 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 9 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Wanda and Vision! It's go-time for Wanda and Vision as they fight for their right to part-tay. Let us dive in! (spoiler alert)

It's witch Wanda versus witch Agatha... who's the better witch? There's only one way to find out... FIIIIIGHT!! It's quite the opener with Agatha stealing some of Wanda's mojo away from her with each spell cast towards her. I mean Wanda really does have her work cut out for her. The Wizard of Oz reference killed me and I was loving it. I love that Wanda sends her children to their room when Agatha has no trouble fetching them. Wanda is quite the quick learner from picking up tricks from Agatha such as teleportation and rune casting. I would have to say Agatha is quite right in the regard that Wanda doesn't know what she's unleashed especially she's kept a town under her spell and manipulated reality. Oh snap, Agatha will be quaking in her boots. 

The Vision and Vision fight were both pretty equal until Vision pulled the philosophy trick out of the hat. It's a very clever moment I found than one that always plays out in Marvel that fisticuffs always seem to solve the issue but the brain play does in this situation. Also, love the small attention to detail in that they took it to the library. The library is open. 

The artistry of the show is amazing with the battle sequences between Vision with white Vision and Wanda and Agatha especially the last battle sequence with the full Scarlet Witch reveal just gave me goosebumps. The moment went Wanda was bringing the wall down was just a beautiful and sad moment when we find out that her family all tied to the hex so she couldn't remove them or her family will pretty much vamoose (got a bit teary too - sob sob). Wanda's Scarlet Witch costume was just breathtaking and really well designed.

Team Monica seems to all have small parts which serve a higher purpose though. I mean I could do with a bit more of them in the episode as they've always been such fun characters. I really do hope that I get to see more of them in the future (of course, Monica will serving some looks in Captain Marvel 2). Don't even get me started on Fietro as the character was a slight let down as the revelation is that he's Ralph umm... Bohner (Agnes's "husband"). 

Gosh, the ending got me. Dang it, it got me so bad. I cried even before I knew it was going to happen... the moment with the children and the final conversation between Wanda and Vision just sent me over the edge. I was such a blubbering mess. 

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Sob, sob sob, sob!

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