Tuesday 2 March 2021

Annihilation - Scourge: Silver Surfer #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Silver Surfer! Silver Surfer faces annihilation as they face off against the Scourge. Let's dive in!

The artwork is so gorgeous and even the Scourge is even more terrifying here than they are in the Annihilation Scourge Alpha issue. I have not yet read Silver Surfer Black yet but can pretty much get the drift about what's happened to him which is so great as it's hard to keep up with everything. It doesn't take too much out of the story but I would say it enhances it as it provides that lens for me to see SS on a journey in discovering himself and as shown when he assimilates with a being hurtling through a planet's hemisphere and it beautifully shows the pain and powerlessness in overcoming his new bodily functions. 

I love the pacing of the issue too where it's calm and serene at the beginning to allow room for those paused moments and reflective thoughts, which is quickly dialled up with the pacing of the incoming danger and in dealing with the real threat. It's fluid in build up like I can literally chart it.

The scourge is terrifying in this! Especially Ronan and Captain Marvel. They are worse than the ones in Alpha and I'm having nightmares tonight. This time we're getting the Scourge Defenders which I thought was a nice touch to the issue and a homage to Silver Surfer's hey-days. 

The ending sees the return of Robert or Bob otherwise known as the counterpart to the Sentry who gets their back story of how they got there which is a nice respite to the whole issue but the ending is just wow! It reminds me of the Spirit of Vengeance and Johnny Blaze being separated in Hell but joining together, the wonders are limitless and exciting! 

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I want me some more Scourge action!

Annihilation - Scourge: Silver Surfer #1
Dan Abnett - writer
Paul Davidson - artist
Matt Milla - Colourist
VC's Clayton Cowles - letterer
Marvel - publisher

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