Thursday 25 March 2021

Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Spidey! Pete gets called into Ravencroft to see Smythe turn over to the "good" side. Let us dive in!

The cover is a strange bag of a mix of characters for a Spider-Man comic but it is a "Symbiote Spider-Man" so here to live for it. Ironically though, Spidey saves a kid who mistakes him for Daredevil. Have to say that I don't mind being saved by Spidey if ya know what I mean - uh, ha ha ha - oh, never mind. The story does take several turns and it does feel slightly disjointed with the supposed storyline of the Watcher and Kang thrown in the mix of Kang siphoning Watcher's knowledge to save the universe while we have Peter fighting some shadow beings. All in a day's work!

Of course, Uatu the Watcher always makes a grand speech wherever I see him and this comic is no different. There's no Watcher appearance without one of his famous speeches. Kang's another character who I guess is trying to "save" the universe (I guess he's thinking that) but I'm curious if he really is or that he thinks he is doing so. I'm guessing the big threat has something to do with the King in Black crossover event.  

Can't believe anyone in the right mind would give a supervillain of epic proportions tools of any sort to carry out experimentations and that's what they do at Ravencroft in the form of Smythe who has always wanted to take down Spidey for decades. Who even runs this clown show? Cannot wrap my head around this! Smythe manages to unleash these very sinister and creepy looking shadow creatures that I would not want to be caught in the dark with. Black Knight in shining armour comes in to save the damsel in distress Spidey. They look cute together.

Mister E as in Mystery! Get it? Oh uh... I'll see myself out...

Anyone looking for Rocket should probably lower their expectations as he only makes umm... one appearance in the whole issue.

Have to say the art in this issue is solid with everything being easy to read from the expressions, kicks, flairs and backflips to exploding spaceships. It's all there in full glory. I guess there's a lot to have fun with this issue too with street-level to cosmic proportion fun. Get it, girl!

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Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1
Peter David - writer
Greg Land - penciler
Jay Leisten - inker
Frank D'Armata - colourist
VC's Joe Sabino - letterer
Marvel - publisher

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