Friday 16 December 2022

Ms Marvel & Venom #1 (re:view)

Ms Marvel & Venom #1
Jody Houser (writer), Dave Wachter (artist), Erick Arciniega (colour artist)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… Ms Marvel! She be teaming up with Venom for a takedown. Let’s get it!

I have the other issues hiding somewhere but not sure where they be. I have to say I picked up the issues as they look super fun when I was flicking through them and this final issue in this mini-series seems no different. From the get-go it jumps right into the action with Venom taking a beat down and saved none other than Ms Marvel. I so love the fact that there’s a recap for nunces like me for not reading the previous issues and with a quick catch up, I’m back in the game!

I love the contrasts Venom and Ms Marvel brings to the table whereby Venom doesn’t care for much for feelings and goes boom boom bang and Ms Marvel does care and tip toes herself around situations. It makes for a fun read bringing in some humour. I love the subtleness of Ms Marvel bringing out more out of Venom such as when she highlights his villainous past and lets him know he is a hero. There’s a real warmness to it especially when it’s further explored at the end when Ms Marvel reminisces on being a hero.

In terms of team-up I don’t think I’d ever see Wolverine, Venom, Moon Knight and Ms Marvel in the same room but it’s a great joy to see them work together. Would love to see how they interact more with each other but it’s Ms Marvel’s gig so it’s understandable focus would be on her.

Loving the art. It’s pretty easy to follow it and I quickly worked through the issue. The action pieces are amazing and the people that transform as a result of the failed experiment serums that they take are very grotesque. Brilliant!

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