Friday 16 December 2022

Syphon #1 (re:view)

Syphon #1
Meaney, Ashraf, Edwards, Kalisz
Image Comics/Top Cow Productions, Inc.

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… Syphon! Syphon (don’t know the dude’s name) gets hi mojo on as he deals with life and his shindig powers on.

The issue is really easy to get through from start to finish. I absolutely love that EVERYTHING is introduced right in the first issue with the villain’s introduction, Syphon’s origin story, life and powers. The abilities and origin story are quickly explained in a few pages in such splendour that I just get it. It’s how it should be done especially since there are so many comics to get through that I just want it to grab me from the shoulders and shake me from the get-go. For that, I give it major snaps.

The villain is pretty much introduced in the beginning by jumping right into the action but the intentions are not revealed. I do love it when I jump right into the action and get the kiss on the pecker.

I love the art style of the issue. The darkness of the issue and Syphon’s power as well. It brings out a lightness in the suffering that he gets from the darkness. Quite literally. I think he’s like X-Men’s Bishop but they “syphon” the suffering from one and can redirect it as energy which he does in high fashion. This makes for great visualisation of the issue and creates a beautiful way of exploring his powers through his eyes. Even when the panelling shifts into double-spread pages, I was very easily able to follow through on each page and never lost sight of direction.

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