Friday 16 December 2022

Radiant Red #1 (re:view)

Radiant Red #1
Cherish Chen (writer), David Lafuente (artist), Miquel Meurto (colourist), Diego Sanches (letterer)
Image Comics

 Welcome to a whole new adventure with… Radiant Red! Satomi has to find her ground as she has quite a bit to juggle with. Let us dive in!

I have to say that I’ve not read any comics from the world of Radiant Black and only found out about it from reading the letter from inside the issue! It’s pretty easy to pick up though as it seems to be Satomi trying to find herself as she contends with a mysterious person making threats, a reporter jumping right on to her and family matters. Can relate.

I’m loving the fact that I can jump into this world as I journey with Satomi to find who she is. She seems to have a supportive sister but then her sister just about rugby tackle her figuratively speaking. It offers a really grounded storytelling which can provide respite to following event after event from the comic book behemoths.

The art isn’t quite as defined as I would like but I do love the graininess which makes it a bit raw looking. The character designs are super amazing especially Radiant Red’s costume design!

It does close off with a short story with a different Sonya who has their date gatecrashed by two sparkly people. Her transformation into a wolf hybrid seems not to have put their date off which reminds of the character of She-Hulk. Can one like two sides of the coin that is ultimately the same person? I would say so and so did their date.

Subscribe? Yeah, I’d give it another spin. Looks promising.


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