Friday 16 December 2022

Punisher #1 (2022) (re:view)

Punisher #1
Jason Aaron, Jesús Saiz and Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart (colour artist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… the Punisher! Punisher commandeers a new legion of the hand. Let us dive in!

The issue starts strong with a flashback which bookends the issue very nicely with the death and life of Frank’s love. It’s poetic in the sense that it’s an exploration of his character which is swiftly followed by a homage to the Punisher through the times. I guess it’s a metaphor for Frank's trials and tribulations, which is a reflection of him having to prove himself to join the ranks of the Hand.  Indeed very poetic and cleverly written. On the surface, I like to be made to think sometimes as I sometimes do just work myself through comics very quickly but this one has made me a thinker.

The pacing is pretty good with the action getting in tight which is helped by the panelling in creating intensity by honing it in smaller panels. The maximum impact was made with double spread pages for the incredible shots especially the one with the hand appearing around the Punisher - killer moment. I love art. Reminds me of the art style by Adi Granov in Iron Man’s Extremis story which has a sense of realism.

I wonder if the issue takes him back to his villainous roots. He did start off as a villain of sorts and hanging around the Hand is not a route to becoming a saint. I guess in that sense it’s a nice throwback since the issue seems to be a throwback to his past.

Subscribe? Yes! The pacing is good, the back story gives a good jumping pad into the whole issue and the montage was cute

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