Friday 16 December 2022

Strikeforce #1 to #5 (re:view)

Strikeforce #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Tini Howard (writer), Germán Peralta (artist), Jordie Bellaire (colour artist)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with…Strikeforce! They ain’t no Skrull but they are going to shapeshift some trouble for the Strikeforce team.

I did re:view the first issue some years back but managed to find the further issues at London Comic Mart so what they hey! Here I am back at it with the Strikeforce team. I have to say I really enjoyed the first issue. The next 4 issues didn’t quite hang strong for me as the first issue did.

It is a mish-mash of a team and I love some of the chemistry that they have with each other such as moments they work together in the second issue where the take on the enemy at a Vegas bar was super fun. Wiccan’s inexperience does show which I love in the way that the team directs him to do things better or when he says just call in the big guns Avengers to help deal with the issue. Those types of moments I live for as the other members are obviously quite seasoned in what they do so it’s a great way to take him under their wing but unfortunately not much of that does happen. He ends up beheading someone with a Doombot. Stuff like that doesn’t have any consequence yet the team just accepts it. I don’t think anyone as young as he is should be making such a drastic decision without being given some perspective on it.

The story had a strong beginning so it showed promise but the excitement was starting to drop but not like it was hot. You have the action, the dialogue, She-Hulk goes berserker fury, gore, the mystery, the lot! It does have its humorous moments like you would with a doppelganger taking your place and starts kissing someone (you know, your average day). Then there’s the issue of pacing with there being a few too many flashbacks interspersed which takes away from the main story and I feel like could have been an issue in itself with them coming together at the end of the issue and truly realised that they must put an end to it. I would have also prolonged the mystery just to keep me hooked, line and sinker. Then there’s the build-up with a steep drop of disappointment such as the Doom reveal turning out to be a Doombot and the doppelganger Wiccan’s visit to Hulkling which is dealt with off-screen and doesn’t really go anywhere.

Love the art style, I feel it suits the darkness of the comic with the gore, decapacitation and shantay you stay active. It does change art styles during some of the flashbacks which I love as it gives me a vivid mind stamp to separate the both of them.

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