Friday 16 December 2022

The Least We Can Do #1 (re:view)

The Least We Can Do #1
Elisa Romboli (artist, creator), Iolanda Zandardino (writer, creator)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… the Least We Can Do! Uriel joins the Eclipse Rebel to make her Golden Stone shine bright like a diamond. Let’s get it!

There can be 99 people in the room and only one believes in you which is the case of Uriel when she’s joining the Eclipse Rebel. Seems like everyone else really is a meanie to Uriel. Doesn’t help that Uriel is so timid but I really do hope she grows into herself during the course of the series, especially in the first issue she gets little to no support and even in flashbacks, she’s the Cinderella of the family (with no prince or princess to call for herself). I do live for character development! I would hope that the team would support her as in her timid nature she does become more of a danger to the team and herself out on the field. 

I love the illustrations and the huge influences of London with Big Ben, Tower Bridge, red telephone boxes and a double-decker bus making an appearance. It’s a nice departure from the typical art style of superhero comics that I have become so accustomed to.

Subscribe? Yes, would love to see how Uriel grows in her team and what adversaries come up for her

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