Friday 16 December 2022

True Believers: Annihilation - Mantis #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... comic for your dollar! This time the Avengers face off against a god (ahem, tell me something new there). Let us dive in!
I actually remember reading this in the pages as a reprint in UK's Avengers United which I guess is a testament to the unique storyline as it's kind of a weird one I would say. Having a quick scander online it seems that Lion God hasn't made a massive impression in the Marvel Universe but they seem to be - umm - shall we say unique as they come. 

The issue goes dark when a human sacrifice is needed so that the Lion God has a vessel to inhabit. They do seem like a very formidable opponent for the Avengers in that the Lion God can influence people and create an army by doing so. He also possesses Black Panther it's so strange that the advantage of this power is not taken. I mean send me in and I'll get the job done better (paint me a supervillain any day with amazing blush and on-fleek smokey eye). Also, the god can magically bring forth lions that catch Scarlet Witch off-guard and Black Widow stuck up a wall (that's two Avengers out of play). Send a few of them in and you'll have a field day. The Lion God abandons his groupies and lets go of the possession of Black Panther which ultimately leads to their downfall and easy defeat. Okay, now I get why the Lion God may not have appeared so many times in the history of Marvel comics and I'm getting the sense of why being a supervillain seems to be taking over me.

I would have thought Black Panther would have putten up a better fight with the Lion God as it seems to be someone from his turf. Except he gets influenced like the likes of his people and it's subdued for the most part of the issue. It takes a god to take on a god as Thor shuts the Lion God down in the end. Would have been interesting to see the powers of a Lion take on the powers of the Black Panther but that's that.
Natasha is almost the MVP in the issue with her speaking her mind when they're doing their plans. Being the newbie in the group, she doesn't shy away from it which is a very admirable quality to have. She takes out the lion and lioness very easily and tells Lion God to never underestimate her. She so bad-butt until she ends up stuck up on the wall until Iron Man saves. She did good for a new starter though. 

I almost forgot the issue's title characters. Mantis just a fleeting moment of appearance in the comic!

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True Believers: Annihilation - Mantis #1 (reprint of Avengers volume 1 #112)
Steve Englehart - author
Don Heck - artist
Frank Bolle - inker
John Costanza - letterer
Petra Goldberg - colourist
Marvel - publisher

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