Friday 16 December 2022

X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong #1 to #5 (re:view)

X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong #1 to #5
Greg Pak, Greg Land, Matt Ryan

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… X-Men! The Phoenix force is right back at it again and she wants some L-O-V-E. Emma better watch yo back as she’s coming for ya!

I remember reading this some time ago during my teen years but warrants a second reading or a “re:view” (wink wink) especially after seeing it going for £4 for the set at Gosh! So yeah, the Phoenix is let go by some Shi’ar lackies in an attempt to destroy it once and for all. That’s going to end so well. It’s here that the Phoenix has a conscience rather than a conjoined conscience in Jean’s mind. It’s different and sheds a whole different light on the Dark Phoenix Saga which holds such a place in my heart and is referenced in the past with the psychic link between Jean and Scott.

I mean this is a 5 issue mini-series but a hell of a lot happens. It does well to juggle the different characters coming together as well as providing a huge amount of breathing space to develop the mind behind the Phoenix force. Some get their moments but I feel like at the expense of other characters getting short-changed like the pain Wolverine goes through to repeatedly attempt to kill off the Phoenix and the sha-blam moment for Storm taking down the Shi’ar transport plane in all her splendor, whereas Colossus and Kitty get subpar which was disappointing. They all play a part in being Jean’s family and Colossus deserves to be there for her more than anyone else, and Kitty gets one-liners here and there which don’t seem to make any impact on the overarching scheme of the story.

I had an “oh snap” moment with the return of Quentin. There’s an interesting conversation to be had about the ethics and morality in doing such a thing but I guess we have witnessed an evil Beast in the past (or future however you want to put it). I quickly worked through the 5 issues. What’s more, I would have loved to see how Emma and the Phoenix feel when they’re occupied together but I can see Emma relishing the moment and umm... relishing more than a moment with Scott.

There were so many Jean and Phoenix moments when she exclaims “I am you” when she rips the Phoenix out of Emma. Giving me that Heathcliff and Catherine vibe that they belong together but are not good for each other. I mean if only Jean can see the future as the Phoenix Force has been around the block quite a few times. The other moment was when Emma projected the minds of everyone to say that they love her. All you need is little bit of love. I live, girl, I live! 

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