Friday 16 December 2022

Stranger Things: Kamchatka #1 (re:view)

Stranger Things: Kamchatka #1
Michael Moreci (script), Todor Kristov (art), Dan Jackson (colourist), Nate Piekos (letters)
Dark Horse Comics

Welcome to a whole new adventure with… Stranger Things! It’s up to Anna and Leonid to shake a thing or two to save their daddy from the grips of the baddies. Let’s dive in!

It’s my first foray into the Stranger Things comics and I would say that it’s an expansion of the Stranger Things universe. I was somewhat disappointed by the story as it does share some similarities to what has happened in the main series in that the Soviet Union kidnaps in order to gain the upper hand. It’s like a concoction of capture, torture and Demogorgon which ticks the boxes of what I’ve pretty much seen in the main series. I don’t mind if there is a repeat but it would be nice to something new then just something spun off something I’ve seen before. It would be pretty awesome if this had more of a thriller vibe to it.

The issue felt short but it might just be me expecting too much which I find doesn’t give enough payoff in terms of developing characters. Anna and Leonid are quickly taken out as quickly as they first stepped on the scene. Then you have a protagonist introduced who - spoiler alert -  saves them in the nick of time and probably just end up as their babysitter in this mess going by how quickly they were captured.

There’s a dark undertone to the art which I find fits into this world great, but the expressions can be hard to read especially when the eyes look so glassy. They do say the eyes are the windows to the soul! I do get the general gist of what they’re trying to convey given the environment that they’re in or what’s happening right in front of their eyes.

Subscribe? I’ll give it a skip for the moment. There’s nothing fresh that I feel can take me to the next issue.

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