Friday 12 December 2014

Bus Art: Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails - Around the River

Bus Art: Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails - Around the River is part of four trails making up the Year of the Bus event. The trail goes through some bridges, monuments and museums with some being Borough Market, Shakespeare’s Globe, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower of London. The trail allows opportunities to explore the culture of London and sights by the banks of River Thames. There are in total 13 bus sculptures on this trail:
1. Dazzle Bus. Artist: Stephen McKay. Location: London Bridge City Pier.
2. Spectrum. Artist: Kristel Pillkahn. Location: Glaciers Hall.
3. Orla Kiely. Artist: Sarah Jane Richards. Location: St Mary Overie's Dock.
4. Route Masters. Artist: Edward Carvalho-Monaghan. Location: Bankside.
5. Brollybus. Artist: Jane Veveris Callan. Location: Bankside.
6. New Routemaster. Artist: Candida Boyes. Location: Blackfriars Road.
7. Legible London. Artist: Fiona Stewart. Location: Blackfriars Road.
8. Punk' ed. Artist: Valerie Osment. Location: St Paul's Cathedral.
9. Childhood on a bus. Artist: Arizona Smith (ambassador for Kids Company). Location: Friday Street.
10. Push Once. Artist: Mini Moderns, painted by Sophie Green. Location: Cheapside.
11. All Aboard the Number 8. Artist: Anna Rawles and Jennifer Rodgers. Location: Threadneedle Street.
12. Tower Bridge Bus. Artist: Michelle Heron. Location: Old Billingsgate - Thames Path.
13. Twenty Four Seven. Artist: Deven Bhurke. Location: Gloucester Close.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Bus Art: Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails

Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails is a trail of statues dotted around London to commemorate the 2014 Year of the Bus event this year in partnership with Wild in Art and Transport for London. They were designed by different artists depicting different aspects of London through the connections of London buses. The sculpture trails were launched on 20th October 2014 with the exception of the Croydon Trail which was launched in December 2014. The bus sculptures are to be auctioned off in early 2015 to raise funds for 3 charities: Kids Company, Transaid and London Transport Museum. 

You can find my posts here:
Check out my post on LEGO Bus Stop which was also part of the 2014 Year of the Bus event.


Wednesday 3 December 2014

Sculpture in the City 2014

Sculpture in the City is a trail following a showcase of contemporary artists’ works dotted in the City of London. The artwork changes on a yearly basis with new works installed around the summer period.

This year’s artworks are as follow:
1. Secret Affair (Silver) – Jim Lambie. Location: St Botolph-without-Bishopgate Gardens.
2. Stairs – Lynn Chadwick. Location: Bishopsgate & Wormwood Street.
3. Deadly Nightshade – Julian Wild. Location: 15 Bishopsgate, opposite Great St Helen’s.
4. Flow; Edge; Flux; Within; Fall; - Paul Hosking. Location: St Helen’s Bishopsgate Churchyard.
5. Salvia – Julian Wild. Location: Undershaft.
6. Shapes in the Clouds I, IV, V – Peter Randall-Page. Location: Bury Court.
7. Box sized DIE featuring Unfathomable Ruination – João Onofre. Location: 30 St Mary Axe (Gherkin).

The artwork was not present in December 2014.
8. Work Scaffolding Sculpture – Ben Long. Location: 30 St Mary Axe (Gherkin).
9. High Wind IV – Lynn Chadwick. Location: 30 St Mary Axe (Gherkin).
10. Southern Shade I; Southern Shade V – Nigel Hall. Location: Lime Street, outside Willis.
11. Kiss – Nigel Hall. Location: Fenchurch Avenue, outside Willis.
12. False Ceiling – Richard Wentworth. Location: Leadenhall Market.
13. Time here becomes Space, Space here becomes Time – Cerith Wyn Evans. Location: Leadenhall Market.

Was a piece in Sculpture in the City 2013 as well. Removed in October 2014.
14. Parallel Field – Antony Gormley. Location: St Mary Axe.


Tuesday 2 December 2014

X-Men Experience

X-Men Experience is an exhibit and experience held in the Sky Studios at the O2. It was to coincide with the release of the X-Men Days of Future Past. It was on 28th October to 17th November 2014.

They had on display of costumes of Warpath, Magneto, Storm, Iceman, Wolverine and Quicksilver. They also had Cyclops’s visor and Professor X’s wheelchair. There was an. Augmented X-Men Experience where people were projected on to a screen through a live feed camera which showed off moves from Storm's lightning powers, Magneto's powers and Wolverine's claws. The present day Sentinel was on display until the 3rd November 2014 but I was much too late to capture it.


Sunday 30 November 2014

MCM London Comic Con Winter 2014

MCM London Comic Con is an event happens two times a year on the last weekend of May and October. The event is held in the Excel Centre in east London. The winter con this year on Friday 24th to Sunday 26th October.

I would say that MCM in many ways is like the London Film and Comic Con but incorporates more of the Japanese culture into their events. You will find manga and anime here which you would scarcely see in LFCC. Like LFCC, MCM has cosplay, video games, television, film, signing and photoshoots and gaming (board and trading card games). The size of this event is on a grand scale with almost no space to manoeuvre once you put a foot through the door. Even with pre-booked tickets it took me just over 45 minutes to get in and I also noticed that the general entry ticket line seems to be non-existent though compared to the pre-booked queue.

I’m no stranger to MCM and started attending two years ago but there have been people there that have been attending years and years. I think I must attended the last year when it was known as MCM London Expo. It just grew massively between the years and the growth does not seem in any way to slow down. When I first attended, they had one hall for queuing and one hall for the whole convention. Now the event is spread out in a double sized hall with a additional hall this time for a Yu-Gi-Oh card tournament and the queuing system is still finding its way in facilitating the increasing amount of attendees that are crossing through the doors.

Here are some of the things that happened in October this year:
  • EuroCosplay – This year marks the 5th anniversary of the EuroCosplay Championships which sees competitors across Europe compete to gain the elusive title and join the ranks of European Cosplay Champions.
  • MCM Theatres – Panels with television and film guests as well as scheduled showing of film trailers.
  • Vidfest – Social media peeps with scheduled panel discussions and Q&A.
  • Pop Asia – An area that dedicates to Asian culture, food, music and fashion.
  • MCM eSports – video gaming tournament with a winning of a cash prize pool and exhibition area of related stalls and shops.
  • MCM Comic Village – comic book artists ranging from indie to mainstream are here for signings, drawings and discussions.

The next ones in May 2015 so I’m waiting in anticipation on how the queuing system will turn out this time round. My geek hat will come on when it comes down to getting that geek loot of comics and merchandise. You can check out MCM’s website to find out of any upcoming news and announcements.

Friday 28 November 2014

London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014

The London Film and Comic Con Winter was held in Earls Court on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October 2014.

The winter con is much smaller than it is with the summer one in comparison to the scale and amount of people attending which provides a more up and personal experience. It is still not quite marginally near to the fun-filled joyride it was during the summer but give you a chance to explore everything there is to offer compared to the summer event where you can only move an inch of a space every few minutes or so. I noticed a lot of comic book artists and writers decided to give it a miss this time around and even the comic book artists and writers looked quite desolate.

There were not many film and TV stars that I wanted an autograph from but some notable people to mention are Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid, Carrie Fisher from Star Wars and Ariana Richards from the first Jurassic Park film. Something else worth saying is that not only can you get an autograph from not just one… not just two… but three actors who played Storm Troopers from the Star Wars franchise.
All in all, it was a great event with its toned-down approach giving more of a close and intimate events allowing time to look around and browse without the stress of people looking over your shoulder. I did buy more comic books as a result of this which I found was really difficult in doing at the summer event. I’m looking forwards to the next event in summer 2015.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Open House 2014

Open House is a weekend event in mid-September where London architectures opens their doors to the public to explore. This year it was held on the 20th and 21st September 2014.

First Open House I attended to was the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies which is a collective of flower arranging clubs and societies built together to form a recognised charity. The building contained wall photographs and insights in the organisation with floral exhibits displayed throughout the whole structure. Location address: Osbourne House, 12 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4TE.
 Bishopsgate Institute
The Institute was opened in 1894 by Prime Minister Lord Roseberry. Its aims were to “promote lectures, exhibitions and otherwise the achievement of literature, science and the fine arts” which they still do to this day. The building was designed by Charles Harrison Townsends who employed his own individual approach for the design of the building than to follow in any form of conformity thst were present in previous landmark designs. Location address: 230 Bishopsgate Institute, London EC2M 4QH.

For Open House, there were five main rooms/halls to explore:
  • Boardroom
  • Great Hall
  • Library and Archives
  • Courtyard Room
  • Upper Hall
Bishopsgate Institute holds programmes ranging from talks and discussions to social dances and concerts. They do a range of courses for adults which centred on language, performing arts and culture. The library there is free and open to all to use, with a massive collection on London and political history including archives of Freedom Press and the Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA).
To find out more about Open House you can visit their website.