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Monday 22 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 5 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision (cue the titles)! Kids... you can't control 'em. Let us dive in! (spoilers ahead!)

Here we go! Two major Marvel characters in de facto force, well... kinda. Billy and Tommy are finally here in the MCU and they grow up so fast or in Agnes's words "you can't control 'em". It's nice to see the sitcom elements continuing into the next decade with Agnes bringing in full fun. She comes in yet again... in fact twice in the episode at the most opportune moments. It's very strange though as she becomes self-aware that she's in a sitcom herself and seemingly know about Wanda's abilities but not to the full extent as she is caught unaware when the kids tell her to bring their newly adopted dog back from the dead as they are found dead in the arms of Agnes. Something doesn't add up and it's sort of the same case for Wanda that there are circumstances where she's been caught off-guard. I wonder though how much Agnes knows about Wanda.

With Billy and Tommy, their personalities aren't as blown up yet in this episode as I guess it's still the Wanda and Vision show as Wanda tends to her motherly duties while Vision goes to work. It's interesting that the children can't be persuaded or as Agnes puts it "control" as Wanda can't seem to use her powers of persuasion to influence their answers when asked why their father is working on a Saturday. Kind of how Agnes presents herself in this episode too in that she seems to be living on her own accord. Ralph gets a mention too in that she gets sprayed with lavender as there's no ummm... taming this beast. Hang on, what kind of spray is this? 

Hayward seems to be showing his true colours in this episode it seems a nefarious plan brewing in the mix. Love the touch when Woo says "Hayward's a..." and actually finished by Hayward himself when he was describing something else, which turns out to be "terrorists". This has to be a clear indication of things to come from Hayward, right?

It's great to see Monica come into the mix and this episode really shows many sides to her in being able to adapt quickly into a group with Darcy and Woo, perseverance and empathy. I love that she still believes in the good in Wanda despite everyone else's misgivings, sensing her grief and speaking to Wanda on a level of empathy. For me, she's definitely the one to watch.

It's great to see how Wanda wrestles with motherhood and using her own experiences to pass words of wisdom to the kids and Wanda is self-aware without feeling the need to conceal herself. Something must have flicked her switch or maybe it was Monica who started the process. What's more confusing though is that she must be fully self-aware as she was able to come out of the hex which makes points of previous episodes even more confusing. It's nice to see the puzzle pieces coming together.

Things start to unravel on Vision's side as he learns more and more with us. Both points do come colliding at the end as I've never seen Vision erupt like that. Like hun, he went through the roof and sent my wig with it. It's what I'm loving the series is that it showcases these characters in a new light. 

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Wanda, who is doing this to you?

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 4 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision! We're getting a slice of lemon tea as we delve into the world outside. Let us dive in! (warning: spoiler alert!)

Now we get to know the real Monica Rambeau and snaps to that. It's quite the opener as we see the world returning from the blip following Avengers: Endgame and super great seeing her reaction to what's happening around her. In fact, she seems unfazed seeing people return back from dust, but then again I thought it was down to the fact that her mother was missing from her bed in the hospital. Then with further thought, I remembered that she did grow up in the world of Captain Marvel and it's not every day you meet aliens from outer space. Off the bat, it's a zinger with the fact that her mother passed away while she was dusted. It built the character of Monica so beautifully that I immediately empathised with her with also knowing that her mother was not able to see her as she was dying. It's beautifully juxtaposed with the bringing life into the world in having delivered one of Wanda's twins.

The return of Darcy! Say what you may about Thor and Thor: The Dark World I actually really enjoy them and I'd say the quirky humour that Darcy made me live for those films a bit more. I was curious how they were going to tie her into WandaVision, but I love her even more. She's not the intern anymore as the show wonderfully fleshes out her character with high intelligence, while even more so retaining her quirky character, which I even live for even more. I found that Darcy and Agent Woo make a good pairing too, with their personalities bouncing off each other. 

Let's get to the main staple of the show, Wanda and Vision! It's a killer of a twist as we see dead Vision and oh my, what a vision it is! It's really shocking and it's very disturbing to think if Wanda is really animating a dead body so she can play happy family. It's really confusing how the personality is nailed down albeit that it does seem like a different vision to the one we see in the films in that he doesn't have full self-awareness but here he does. Love that she ends it by saying, "I have everything under control" which is slightly not true as she is caught off-guard by several things like not being able to control the bird in the third episode or hearing as we find in this episode Woo's voice over the radio.

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I have everything under control.

Sunday 21 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision! Wanda is preggers and it's gonna be a gas. Let us dive in! (spoiler alert ahead!)

Much as I love the back and white episodes, do love a colour back in their lives again. I really do hope it gets explored as to why we saw colour in the black and white world but it does throw her off when she saw the toy helicopter and the red blood on Lottie's hand. Anyway, the set design is gorgeous and we get to see the babies' crib (yo!) and the outdoors are done in the style of I'm guessing a more modern sitcom (70's I'm guessing as it seems to be going up by a decade each ep) but it resembles more of a modernist painting. This does seem to limit the outgoings but it is very fitting since Wanda is staying more indoors as her pregnancy is a secret (hardly). 

There's been a switcheroo to the characters with Geraldine upgrading to supporting character while Agnes takes more of a minor role but an important one I would say (sadly no running Ralph jokes this episode). I have no idea if Geraldine is playing up to her character but she does it so well in the episode and she brings a life of air to the scene. I love that she was the one that brought one of the twins into the world juxtaposed with the death of her mother

It's pretty interesting to see Agnes seems to have an awareness of the world she's in as if staying quiet about it will allow her to remember more details. Not sure if it's fear or just nosiness about the situation of Geraldine being the outsider. Nonetheless, it seems to play off either way especially she makes a dash for it when Vision presses her.

The main course was the playoff between Wanda and Vision as her imminent birth leads to a tumultuous of events that are super fun to see and brings a different flavour to the episode full of joy and fun. The facade seems to break down more for Vision though as he starts to notice some things are not right from the hints he gets from Agnes, Herb and the doctor. This is super apparent when nice Wanda becomes scary Wanda at the end of the episode when Geraldine asks about Ultron and her brother which hit more than a nerve with Wanda. There's an eeriness when Geraldine vanishes and has a very deadpan expression.

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The twist at the end has me gagged

Wednesday 17 February 2021

True Believers: Avengers - Nebula (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some cosmic intergalactic hoedown - cue the music! This time I'm bringing you some Avengers and Skrulls team-up as they bring the beat 'em up to Nebula. Let us dive in!

Diving straight into the deep end with this being part of Secret Wars II crossover event which I know very little about so don't really know Nebula's real motive but that she wants to bring doom and gloom. To be honest, I'm not very well acquainted with the comic book version of Nebula so can't really make much commentary on that front but the girl knows what she wants and she gonna get it!

Anyway, in what world does the Avengers team up with Thanos to take down Nebula??? I could almost forget that the Avengers are working with Skrulls. Anyway, in what world does the Avengers team up with Skrulls to take down Nebula??? 

It is revealed - spoiler alert - that Nebula and Starfox are related?!? Somebody write me a book of revelations and not of the biblical sense - amen!

A lot of the story focusses around Firelord who should have teamed up with the Avengers as he finds - spoiler alert - that Nebula has destroyed his hometown. Hell hath no fury like a - ummm - wo-man scorned as he exacts revenge and takes it to Nebula's ship. It's beautifully detailed and his anger comes off the page but funnily enough built up to the point that Nebula should fear him but is blasted off and no one there lit-ter-rally knew he was even there as he gets blasted off faster than team rocket and into the arms of the Beyonder. 

Beyonder does seem naive in this in that he pops in wanting to help the Avengers but zaps Nebula and the crew away when they truly just want her to be brought to justice. Oh Beyonder, you did it again! *cue comedic music*

So much does happen in this comic with great chemistry between the Avengers and Skrulls in taking Nebula's ship down. Captain America giving that fresh valiancy talk with the Skrulls to be less - uhhh - villainous. It's great to see Avengers out in space and adapting to their new surroundings. I just wonder why Nebula is that much of a foe that brings together the Avengers and Skrulls...

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Show me the money! Oh, I mean the true colours of the Beyonder and of why he wants the Avengers!

True Believers: Avengers - Nebula #1 (reprint of Avengers V1 #260)
Roger Stern - writer
John Buscema - breakdowns
Tom Palmer - finisher
Jim Novak - letterer
Christie Scheele - colourist
Marvel - publisher

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Frieze Sculpture 2020 part 2 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... oh well, part 2 of my part 1 postie on Frieze sculpture! Here are the rest of the sculptures. Let us dive in!

7. Lupine Tower - Arne Quinze

8. Torre di Saba - Gianpietro Carlesso

9. The Plait - Kalliopi Lemos

10. Untitled 1 (Bronze Bodybuilders) - David Altmejd

11. Five Conversations - Lubaina Himid

12. Humans-Animals-Monsters - Patrick Goddard

Monday 15 February 2021

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing some monster on monster action as the Thing tends to Man-Thing for stealing their thunder. Let us dive in!

You know, the Thing is quite bully despite their many valiant heroism. I definitely would not want to get on the wrong side of them. The Thing gets wind that someone else has claimed the part of their name in "Man-Thing" so without any second thought wants to give them a taste of the same medicine for umm... claiming his name as part of their name. Sounds confusing but I'll work it. Then he torments the shopkeeper in paying part of his ride and then torments the bus driver to drop him off a point that isn't the bus stop. Like... take several seats, hun. 

Can't say that I'm very well acquainted with the Man-Thing but they seem charming for a being of very little words. They look very cuddly but probably best not to be caught dead of night. Poor Man-Thing, he can't seem to catch a break in the peace of the swamp. There is respite for the Thing in seeing that Man-Thing's situation is much worse than his.

Love that the word "porno" is exchanged between the Thing and the shopkeeper. I just hear a kid somewhere asking their parents, "mum, dad... what's a porno?" 

The son of the Molecule Man adopts the mantle seeking revenge for their father's exile. He is quite terrifying actually especially in his transformation. Kind of reminds me of the Gangers from the Doctor Who as they are terrifying in how they are formed. He does get too big for his boots by undermining Man-Thing who later gets him back anyway. The Molecule Man's power comes from umm... a magic wand which taketh away his power with Thing knocking it out his hand with a bit of ummm.... Man-Thing's sludge. This comic is all kind of weird.

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The turn of the century moment when Thing turns from wanting to give Man-Thing a thumping to lovey-dovey.

True Believers: Fantastic Four - Marvel Two-in-one #1
Steve Gerber - writer
Gil Kane - penciler
Joe Sinnott - inker
Jean Izzo - letterer
G. Roussos - colourist
Marvel - publisher

Saturday 13 February 2021

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you some nailbiting tension as the crackdown of Daredevil whereabouts are sought while he is bleeding out. Let us dive in!

The pacing of the writing is beautifully done and in a matter of minutes, I was completely enthralled and wanting more, more, more like Rina Sawayama. It's propelled by a strong sense of urgency interwoven with different layers of story that ultimately comes together beautifully like a jigsaw in the final hurrah of the issue. 

The art style is I gritty, dark and unpolished. It complimented the writing and helped pace it forward. I did flit through this super quick so the art styling is very clear to follow - werk.

The camaraderie (or lack thereof) between Urich and Kingpin is so fascinating with Urich taking a swipe at him to get the answers. For a fleeting moment Kingpin looked vulnerable but I wasn't too sure if it was the intention or if I just got it wrong as a few frames later it appeared that Kingpin had their winning face which was mindboggling. Can't quite put my finger on it yet...

On the other side, you have Black Widow and Elektra duking it out with threats galore between the two with Black Widow saying she'll whoop Elektra's buttock. This is sooooo meta with Black Widow zapping Elektra in the face and Elektra being hilariously fine on the next page. Maybe Elektra is more of a threat than Black Widow anticipates but they're all on the same team for the moment.

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It does have a cinematic quality to it with fast pacing writing with action and art to compliment.

True Believers: Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary - Daredevil and the Defenders #1 (reprint of Daredevil Volume 2 #80)
Brian Michael Bendis - writer
Alex Maleev - artist
Dave Stewart - colours
VC's Randy Gentile - letters
Marvel - publisher

Monday 8 February 2021

Power Pack #1 (2020) (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some pow wow! Power Pack are back and ready to knuckle down on life and big bad tackles. Let us dive in!

Love the beginning! It starts off as a child's drawn comic book strip of the backstory and LIVING for it. There was a very funny moment when a character in the strip is shot down dead and I just can't... left my dying that something so graphic was in a child's drawing. The writing does shift to slightly bland compared fresh uptake start of the issue, as the kids try to contend with family life with humour that doesn't stick the landing. I felt that it was slightly held back and it could have been brought more forward in terms of pushing the humour envelope. It felt like dead air. This is slightly saved by the ending with as they work together cohesively to formulate a plan and take down the baddie.

I have to give it to them for re-establishing the characters and fully fledging their personalities out. It was a great joy to actually see them deal with situations in their own way and working together intuitively. It's a nice introduction for me anyway as I've not touched upon the world of Power Pack that often but have picked up a few issues as London Comic Mart after being recommended by a friend. I guess this a shortfall of the lack strong plot or story in the issue.

The art styling is very... minimal. I guess it's not a complaint but the focus was more on the subject but it would work better if there were more visuals on the subject too to push the oomph a bit more. It does feel good to see the powers in full display as well, as their powers are actually visually pleasing. 

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Lack of story or plot is aided by strong characterisation and slight visuals

Power Pack #1
Ryan North - writer
Nico Leon - artist
Rachelle Rosenberg - colour artist
VC's Travis Lanham - letterer
Marvel - publisher

Sunday 7 February 2021

WandaVision Season 1 - Episodes 1 & 2 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... WandaVision (it's in the name)! Wanda and Vision star in their very own sitcom and this is gonna be a gas. Let's dive in (spoiler alert)!

The styling is of 50's and 60's sitcom, not that I have much-experienced dating that far but I did grow up watching Bewitched and Ed instantly recognised the styling of the second episode. Who would have funked it those modern-day heroes living in a black and white world? It's probably because I'm so accustomed to the world of the MCU. It's a very welcome change and very refreshing to straight into headfirst. 

There's not much of a story going on but we see newlywed Wanda and Vision live their lives as much as possible and it's so much fun and very easy to get into like moments when the crowd clap it was very easy to anticipate and clap along with them with a sense of involvement. The title sequences are so much fun too and set up both episodes perfectly which are cleverly done in the retrospect of their era. There are genuine LOL moments like the cooking scene in the first episode and the talent show in the second episode but these moments.

It's not always so rosy as there is the punctuation of eeriness such as when Vis's boss choking causing Wanda to break character which begs the question of how fully self-aware she is of their situation (which Vis also questions when we first see him at work). But then by the end of the second episode, a beekeeper comes out of the sewers and she seems to know them and manipulates the reality around her... You know, tryna piece together the puzzle to solve the mystery!

I was never really invested in the relationship of Wanda and Vision much in the films as I felt that not much set up was done to cement in place but I felt the reckoning did happen from the end of Infinity War when I really shipped them. The episodes do really shine a different light on them bringing a warm, sweet and endearing awwww moments throughout which makes the moments of when the real world break.

There's also Agnes who helps out Wanda at the most opportune moments and brings the comedy in bucketloads. The running joke is the joke she makes about her husband Ralph which are hilarious but there must be more to it. There's Geraldine too who is such a sweetheart and very likeable and I know that she's Monica Rambeau but it'll be interesting to see who she really is outside of this world.

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This is gonna be a gas!

Thursday 28 January 2021

Frieze Sculpture 2020 part 1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... sculptures in the park! Frieze it up in this place and par-tay. Let us dive in!

I actually attended this last year in October but I guess it's better late than never. It felt slightly weird attending this time and I did notice that it was a few sculptures short of previous year entries but hey ho still here living for it. I do this once a year and I love the mindfulness of the nature coupled with the thought-provoking umm nature of the art pieces as they play off each other. 

1. L'Âge d'Or (Green & Red) - Gavin Turn

2. Sandwich - Sarah Lucas

3. Torso - Eric Fishchl 

4. Aurelius - Rebecca Warren

5. Ad Keywords - Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

6. Circle for Sally - Richard Long

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Doctor Strange: The End #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Doctor Strange! It's literally "the end" as he takes his final journey in life set in a dystopian future. Let's dive in!

It's most certainly a different Doctor Strange who I'm used to seeing going on wild adventures of epic proportions. It's sad to see him retiring into becoming a person who does party tricks for a living and a living joke on the internet (literally) but it's also nice to see him not lose his spark as he quickly dispatches a few thugs who plan to rob him. 

Strange's AI assistant Jenny is very sentient and forms their own mind but Strange doesn't treat them as such but more of an object which is strange seeing that he's lived in a world where AI have developed to points of being very much alive. It's interesting to see that Strange commands yet she speaks back in conversation and it was only in the last of Jenny's moment that for a fleeting moment he treats her as a being which is quickly lost when he shuts the thought down. It's funny how in the twilight years that one's thoughts have not evolved with the times but maybe it's just that he's lived in a world of magic (apparent in that Jenny seems to be the only thing that is technology in his home) that he cannot see anything past that. 

The art in the issue is very light darkness to it and it's very minimal. I thought for a second as to why it was done in this way and then I thought that it must have been that it's to accentuate the loneliness or the loss he feels that his life feels empty which he uses Jenny to try and fill those holes up.

It's a touching moment when he gathers up his friends and peers that have become a part of his journey in consummation to bring back an old friend of his Illyana Rasputin. I guess the retablo that he carries on his shoulder is a metaphor for the weight he feels in finding Illyana which is hauntingly touching. 

Illyana's return is shows charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as she tells the celestial high beings the Living Tribunal to stick it. The ending is soooo Strange (excuse the pun) as Illyana now finds him immortalised as a statue which provides a true testament and beautiful end for the character.

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A stripped-back world with a stripped back Doctor Strange serves such tender moments in a very dystopian setting.

Doctor Strange: The End #1
Leah Williams - writer
Filipe Andrade - artist
Chris O'Halloran - colour artist
VC's Clayton Cowles letterer
Marvel - publisher

Monday 28 December 2020

True Believers: Empyre - Swordsman #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you some origin realness as the Swordsman takes on the Avengers. Let's dive in!
First of the bat is the character of the Swordsman seems like quite the charmer as being the person that always "has the last word". It's quite new to see a villain take on the Avengers as they seem - umm - untrained with the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being the new members and being made work of (they are new members and apparently the team itself was in the new stages). 

With this one issue, it seems like everything I knew about Captain America sashayed away as he seems cold and callous (as pointed about by Scarlet Witch too) that it just jumps right into his indulgent selfishness but I guess it sets the journey up for the path of righteousness and redemption. It seems the Cap does care a lot about their image with no saving grace from Nick Fury in giving him some side missions to relive the glory of his shindig days.
It's such a small team with big egos with Hawkeye and Quicksilver wanting Cap out in an attempt to vie for leadership. Scarlet Witch offers fresh insight and perspective which is refreshing of a team of big heads.

Somewhat of a cathartic ending as Cap supposedly sacrificing himself so that the other Avengers don't give in to the demands of the Swordsman. I mean that's the Cap I usually see really. A selfless one at that.
Hydra has a what?? They literally have a weapon that can single-handedly take down the Avengers but only uses it to snooping purposes. Talk about trying to take over the world.

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What happened to Cap? - spoiler alert - he survives somehow or comes back from the dead like s many that they have done in the future.

True Believers: Empyre - Swordsman #1 (reprint of Avengers volume 1 #19)
Stan Lee - writer
Don Heck - artist
Dick Ayers - inker
Artie Simek - letterer

Monday 21 December 2020

True Believers: Empyre - Galactus #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! Bring on Galactus and Reed and Storm look to a normal life after Franklin becomes depowered in the Negative Zone. Let's dive in!

Gosh, it's zinger with Galactus taking on their monologue as they question the existence. It's a totally different side to the doom, hunger, thump, thump, give me food now type of being that I'm so used to seeing. It's refreshing to see a new layer of characterisation of the character which is so fitting as well. The fact that the hunger has subsided leaving the emptiness of their actions behind it. That is until Death comes knocking on the door which is exactly what they do. There's a beautiful shot of their faces halved side by side as Death joins in on the monologue which serves such sweet poetry.

Then at a switch of a button (quite literally), Nova pops in and it begins again. It does build this grandeur especially at how quick it happens and how sorry I feel for the Skrulls who were next on the list for the pecking order. It's really disturbing how unprepared they are and at how sudden that they would lose their lives at a snap of a finger. There is a beauty at the end of it like the big bang but instead of the creation of life, it's the destruction of it. 

The other half brings us to the FF as Johnny wishes wants out of the Baxter building while Reed and Susan want that same sort of normality back in their lives. It's quite interesting to see the other flip side of the coin as most of the characters want more of out of something else that they have not delved into. It does add that extra layer but Reed does point out that it won't always be like that for them and they are just destined to be the Fantastic Four. 

It's strange seeing Susan still being called the Invisible Girl in the issue even after birthing her son and forming a family life for themselves. She's not a girl, not yet a woman.

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Powerful storytelling alone from Galactus sold the issue for me.

True Believers: Empyre - Galactus #1 (reprint of Fantastic Four volume 1 #257)
John Byrne - writer, drawing and inker
Glynis Wein - colourer
Jim Novak - letterer
Al Milgrom - editor
Jim Shooter - earthling

Wednesday 2 December 2020

True Believers: The Criminally Insane - Masters of Evil #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! The Avengers take on the Masters of Evil for the first time. Let's dive in!

I don't actually think I've read a comic with the Masters of Evil or don't really recall but it does remind me of the Frightful Four that takes on different iterations of the Fantastic Four so I'm guessing there some flavour to be had from the both of them. They do give the Avengers a run for their money at first but the Avengers work it out with a suggestion from the newbie in the team that is Captain America. It's actually pretty nice to see Cap in his infancy in the Avengers to leadership status.

It's funny how far they've come from skateboarding on a piece of flooring as they're being towed away on a truck:

It actually got me thinking... can two superheroes or supervillains having the same power be in the same room? I guess it's like rocking up to a party where someone else is wearing the exact same dress as you.

I did not know that the mask that Baron Zemo wears is actually glued up to their head. I always thought it was just a questionable fashion choice - a thing - but now I know it's a permanent thing. Of course, he uses the same tech to wreak havoc on the city bringing in a team of Avengers individual adversaries to play on their weaknesses (kind of like the Psycho Rangers in Power Rangers in Space). The Avengers sneakily do the switcheroo tactic and play on each others foes and you know, win the day. 

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The Masters of Evil reminds me of Scooby-Doo villains

True Believers: The Criminally Insane - Masters of Evil #1 (reprint of Avengers volume 1 #6)
Stan Lee - writer
Jack Kirby - art
Chic Stone - inker
S. Rosen - letterer

Monday 30 November 2020

Iron Man 2020 #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... Iron Man! An uprising of robots is rebelling and demanding their rights with Arno Stark taking the helm of Iron Man. Let's dive in!

The story itself is sort of a slow burner of an issue with several points where I just placed it down several times because I can. There are not many characters that are really likeable in the comic that allows me to be drawn into their story like Arno Stark who has their parents as robots in their home but never let them out of the house, which raises so many ethical conversations I may say but it's never really explored on a familiar level.

On the other side is the robot rebellion who demands their rights and they want it now but are blasted to smithereens before they're able to and going as far as to hold hostage. I mean there are no sides to take and this furthers Arno's argument in seeing them as just objects (sadly). I find that it does form as a missed opportunity to provide an in-depth social commentary especially we have seen androids with minds of their own such Jocasta (get that shout-out) and it's sad to see that times have not evolved since. There seems to be no moral on both sides in that innocent lives and there seems to be no consequence for the actions rather just a slug-out war. 

It's mentioned in the comics that there is a Tony Stark android that is traipsing about which I actually felt should have been left out as it would have made the ending that much stronger for the final reveal being that it would be - spoiler alert - Arno Stark vs. Tony Stark. 

I like the art styling which fits in with the technological feel of the issue which is further complemented by the panel designs to with distinguishable panels to quickly grasp the situation and make them memorable such as the televised panels which are a stream of news and social broadcasts and more of a shared panel for action-based fights. It does make it slightly easier to follow.

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I'll give it a chance seeing that it's the first issue. The second issue could take me places.

Iron Man 2020 #1
Dan Slott & Christos Gage - writer
Pete Woods - artist
VC's Joe Caramagna - letterer
Marvel - publisher

Friday 27 November 2020

True Believers: X-Men - Kwannon #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a dollar for your comic! This time I'm bringing you some action realness. Let's dive in!

There's a multi-faceted length of things to dive into from Colossus returning to his hometown, something wicked this way comes with some sinister going-on and some Cyclops jiggy jiggy action. I mean it all fits together but hey, where the Soul Skinner? You get teased and nothing but it seems Cyclops got something...

Seeing Colossus returns actually reminds me of the X-Men animated series when he returns to (currently watching it on Disney+). In both cases, it was super cute to see Colossus's interaction with their sister Illyana. It reminds me of a Christmas story I read where he was haunted by the spirit of his sister which was beautiful to read. It's so nice to see siblings have such a strong bond. 

Gosh, Cyclops really can't keep his junk in his trunk, can he? Some people have a thing for blondes and others brunettes but he has a thing for psychics. Like hun, have a cold shower (Oh wait, he literally did have a shower). Cyclops seriously needs to see a therapist as in so many issues I just see him having to deal with his emotions alone despite being surrounded by loved ones.

The obligatory X-Men random fight scene comes in the form of Kwannon as she takes down some goon in high kick-butt action. I know so little of Kwannon that I only know that she has done a body swap with Psylocke and that's that. Oh boy, look out... get it, girl!

Despite all these happenings, there's some side action from some Russain supervillains which I could possibly not comment on as I have no idea what's going on but I know that Omega Red isn't too far away!

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Where the Soul Skinner???

True Believers: X-Men - Kwannon #1 (Originally printed as X-Men Volume 2 #17)
Fabien Nicieza - writer
Andy Kubert - penciler
Mark Pennington - inker
Chris Eliopulos - letterer
Joe Rosas - colourist
Marvel - pubisher

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Strikeforce #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... some Strikeforce action! A newly formed team formed under unusual circumstances seek to uncover a mystery surrounding shapeshifting impersonators. Let's dive in!

The big opening is with the Avengers saving the day as they try and contain an airborne virus outbreak (very topical at the moment) and of course, they brought in She-Hulk when they're aware that she doesn't do so good under these conditions (look at Red Zone). But yeah, she goes berserk but ends up surprisingly doing some good in these condition in uncovering the possible source of the outbreak in the form of some heroes hiding out in the back which are the new Strikeforce team!

It's kind of a weird trip that brings in Blade who explains on the outset about an experience he had and then they hit the jungles for an adventure. To be honest, I've not read much of the Strikeforce characters in other comic book settings but they do have such camaraderie for a team that was formed off-the-bat (I guess experiences in other teams helped to make things gel a lot easier) and they work beautifully together and it's really fun to see them kick butts and it handed back to them.

There's a lot to process in the comic book and some of it we've not seen before (at one point they mention Skrulls being the potential shapeshifters) but it's written in a way that keeps it fresh and engaging. It's kind of like an action-adventure that brings on a lot of fun with a thump-fest bonus. I actually want to see more of the team as their experiences bounce off each other in adapting to their situation so quickly which is so fascinating to read.

The art style is gorgeous and even at points, I reeled from the realism of the situation. Minor small detailing was added such as She-Hulk's mouth throthing or eyes dilate from the effects of the virus which I luuuurve.

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A strong opening from a strong offering of a team as they bounce off each other with great chemistry. The cuff is given up in the first issue but the writing and art style helps propel the story in wanting more.

Strikeforce #1 
Tini Howard  - writer
Germán Peralta - artist
Jordie Bellaire - colour artist
VC's Joe Sabino - lettering and design
Jay Bowen - logo

Monday 23 November 2020

True Believers: X-Men - Moira McTaggert #1 (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... a comic for your dollar! This time I'm bringing you some Shatterer of Souls realness with a N'Garai takeover. Let's dive in!

This feels like a hobnob of bizarro things that happen in the issue with Cyclops yet again needing to desperately see a therapist who is conflicted with emotions after having lost one of his friends. It was a real opportunity to keep it rooted but of course, it's never that easy in the X-Men world when he releases the Kraken that is Kierrok, the Shatterer of Souls. It makes the conflict of emotions for Cyclops feel more like an afterthought. I mean I just don't understand how the rest of the X-Men could overlook his constant strong emotions which probably shaped him up to be such a buttock during the Avengers versus X-Men stint. 

Kierrok sees to remind me of the Brood which was a nefarious adversary to the X-Men but Kierrok seems more mystic than extra-terrestrial that leapt off the pages of Captain Britain. Gives as good as it fights with being able to physically take them down as well as being able to give that deep cutting speech to mentally bring down its adversary which makes for quite the cocktail of a mix. 

The MVP goes to Storm who despite her many attempts to bring Kierrok down to no avail was able to overcome her fears of her past and claustrophobia in bringing down Kierrok. Get it, girl!

Everyone in the issue seems to be getting eyebrow tips from Prof. X as they all seemed arched. Must be a secret competition in who could get the archiest of all the archiest eyebrow.  I much prefer Storm's thin eyebrows which shoot for the skies. I guess that the style of the artist like Rob Liefield's big pecs superheroes. 

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It shattered my soul

True Believers: X-Men - Moira McTaggert #1 (reprint of X-Men #96)
Chris Claremont - author
Dave Cockrum - artist
Sam Grainger - inker
Dave Hunt - letterer
Phil Rachelson - colourist
Marv Wolfman - editor

Saturday 21 November 2020

Fire Power #1 Free Comic Book Day (re:view)

Welcome to a whole new adventure with... FCBD, get it! Owen got that family life going while something is brewing in the background... tea. Let's dive in!

I haven't actually read the prequel to this so just diving into the first issue does seem daunting but it's actually really quick to pick up on everything even with the quick snippet intro. Live, live, live for it. There doesn't seem much plot to it but offers a beautiful introduction to what the world surrounding Owen Wilson which offers such an insight into family life that is so fresh and endearing to read.

Owen's character is nicely built with the different interactions and the general good neighbourly feel with a good old fashion par-tay! It's pretty nice to see that he wants to drop their past in order to establish normality into the family life. Anyway, you can see the tight-knit relationship he has with his daughter which offers a very fun speed race to the supermarket. You can kind of get the feel of where this comes from when he has a heart-to-heart moment with his mother at the party. It's actually quite surprising at how much development character is put in on the contrary of what the cover is conveying but yeah, tug on my heart strings *sob sob*

The action does come in when his past catches up with him but this is probably when the art I find falters. The issue art style is very minimal at some points to focus in on the subjects which helps focus in on character development and story. Getting into the dark though looks slightly unflattering in having to squint at some points to see what's going on in the full picture. It actually does show off the "Fire Power" in full strength which contrasts neatly with the dark and it's a nice reveal to the power in the issue. Hadouken!

A ninja pops up and of course, they're quite stealthy generally speaking but the last appearance in the issue gave me the chills gave me the jeebies.

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Actually picked up the second issue!

Fire Power #1 Free Comic Book Day (reprint of Fire Power #1)
Robert Kirkman - writer
Chris Samnee - artist
Matt Wilson - colourist
Rus Wooton - letterer
Publisher - Image